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Brendan Fraser and The Rock err... Dwayne Johnson in G.I. Joe?

Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2008
Posted By: Kevin Powers

Source: Latino Review



I have just learned through my sources that BRENDAN FRASER has booked the role of GUNG HO for Stephen Sommerís big screen live-action adaptation of "G.I. Joe." Now, it is only a one scene cameo. The scene is question is a training sequence at THE PIT. Brendan already shot his part. Me personally, I always thought GUNG HO was the most gay looking of the Joes. I mean come on, the tattooed chest, the vest with no shirt on and that hat?! If there was a soldier in the VILLAGE PEOPLE, GUNG HO would definitely be it!

I also learned that AN OFFER has been made to THE ROCK for the role of HECTOR DELGADO aka SHIPWRECK. At this time THE ROCK hasnít said either yes or no, but the offer is out to him. Can THE ROCK smell what Shipwreck is cooking? We should find out soon enough. I knew it was only a matter of time before they would start offering Latino roles to THE ROCK who is Samoan."

KP's Take: Why? I liked Dwayne Johnson when he was the Rock, he's an okay actor. Fraser is well, Fraser. This movie? Smells like poo. I'm sorry but the Transformers formula does not work with G.I. Joe... especially during a time when the United States NEEDS "A Real America Hero" not a cash cow of a once storied franchise. I think I might sell my Hasbro stock over this...

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