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Linsner and Yungbluth collaborate on sexy new print

Posted: Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Posted By: Kevin Noel Olson

What happens when a smart B&W indie parody comic tickles the funnybone of one of comic's sexiest full-color painted pinup artists? You're about to find out.

Jason Yungbluth is the mind behind the adult Peanuts parody Weapon Brown, a B & W noir-style 48-page comic. Any true fan of the original "Peanuts" strip by Charles Schulz has long recognized its underlying angst & darkness, and Yungbluth has taken this seed and grown it into a ferocious, kite-eating spoof.

In his spin on the Charlie Brown gang, Linus has grown up to become high priest of the Church of the Great Pumpkin. His sister Lucy is an evil scientist, & good ol' Charlie Brown has become Weapon Brown, a cyborg mercenary. "It's the entire Peanuts gang - every last one - all grown up & living in a Mad Max style, post-apocalyptic universe," explains Yungbluth. "Everything Schulz never resolved in Peanuts is accounted for. Will Chuck ever kick that football? Whatever happened to the little red-haired girl? And why was Marcie always calling Peppermint Patty 'sir'?."

Weapon Brown answers that last question in no uncertain terms. In the story, Patty has become the headmistress of a bordello, and she & Marcie are clearly more than friends. It is this relationship that is tantilizingly portrayed in Joseph Michael Linsner's artwork for Well Heeled, the new digital print that's already stirring up buzz amongst his fans.

Though published in 2002, Weapon Brown wound up crossing the path of Joseph Michael Linsner (Dawn) at the Pittsburgh Comic*con a few years ago.

"Have you read Weapon Brown?" Linsner asks. "That is some funny shit. This was a fun piece of work to do, for a twisted comic that I enjoyed reading. Jason is a very talented guy & I'd be pleased if this collaboration brought some more attention to his work.

Yungbluth was also pleased with the pairing. "My eyes fell out of their sockets when I saw Joe's artwork for Well Heeled. I had no idea my creations were this sexy! This print demands to be spanked!"

Well-Heeled is an 11 x 17 open-edition digital print, printed by the same high-quality printers Linsner has been using for all of his own digital prints. This hot "Mint & Marcy" art will be signed by the characters' creator, Jason Yungbluth, & by the artist, Joseph Michael Linsner. It will be available at the Death Ray Media table at conventions, so look for Jason Yungbluth at the Pittsburgh Comic*con, Wizard World Chicago & other upcoming shows. It is also available now at Yungbluth's online store, where you can also find the Weapon Brown comic (

Yungbluth has also decided to do a remarque edition. He will take 25 of the prints & draw a little sketch from the Weapon Brown universe, directly onto the print. These will also be initally only available at convention appearances, & then go up for sale on his website.

For more information about Weapon Brown & Deep Fried, Yungbluth's Mad-style dark humor comic, go to: For the offical site of Joseph Michael Linsner: Info about the Pittsburgh comic*Con: & the Chicago show:

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