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SNEEK PEAK - Ultimate Spider-Girl in Ultimate Spider-Man #91

Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Posted By: Keith Dallas

Ultimate Spider-Girl?!

Starting in Ultimate Spider-Man #91, Spider-Man is going to be getting some help in the form of a new superhero...Ultimate Spider-Girl?! And now that this new heroine is patrolling New York, exactly how does Peter Parker feel about it?

Guest-starring the Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man #91 also features the introduction of another character to the Ultimate Universe - Ultimate Deadpool. When he leads his Ultimate Reavers in an attack on the X-Mansion, quality-time is over for a visiting Peter Parker and his girlfriend Kitty Pryde.

Jam-packed with first appearances and mutants, Ultimate Spider-Man #91 is part one of the "Ultimate Deadpool" arc and begins the countdown towards the milestone one hundredth issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. And what does all this mean for Spidey's burgeoning relationship with the X-Men's Kitty Pryde? Will this relationship be over before it starts or will the two teen heroes take it to the next level?

Pencils & Cover by MARK BAGLEY
"DEADPOOL" Part 1 (of 5).
Spidey makes a trip to the X-Mansion to hang out with new gal pal Kitty Pryde only to find the School For Gifted Youngsters has been taken over by-Ultimate Deadpool and his Marauders! Uh-oh. Seems like a good time to cut class. Guest-starring the Ultimate X-Men!
32 PGS./RATED A ...$2.50
FOC - 2/16, On Sale - 3/8/2006

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