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Is Archie Really Moving Out Of Riverdale?

Posted: Monday, January 30, 2006
Posted By: Rik Offenberger

Can It Be So – Is Archie Really Moving Out Of Riverdale? Find Out In A Special Story Created Exclusively For Free Comic Book Day!

On May 6, 2006, the fifth annual Free Comic Book Day event will be held in comic shops across the country. In the past four years, scores of free comic books were given away by participating retailers to not only thank comic book aficionados, but to introduce the wonderful world of comics to new readers and fans as well! Archie Comics has contributed to past events by creating special issues that really capture the magic of comic books, the dedication of comic book fans, and the eternal popularity of Archie and his wonderful supporting cast from Riverdale USA.

This year, the fabled town of Riverdale will be getting quite a jolt, as a lucrative job offer for Archie’s dad requires the freckle-faced teen to move to another state! In "Moving Forward," Archie reflects back on his "Little Archie" days, and sets off to tell his friends that he'll soon be moving. Along the way, he reminisces with Sabrina, Josie, "That Wilkin Boy," and more. He even runs into recent acquaintances, Katy Keene (fresh from last year's "Free Comic Book Day" appearance) and real-life singing sensations, The Veronicas! Breaking the news to his inner circle of friends - Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie - is toughest of all, but the gang relieve the sting by throwing Archie a mega going-away part at Pop's. Can Archie really be leaving Riverdale on the eve of Archie Comics' 65th anniversary? It’s a story full of nostalgia, warmth, heart, humor, and of course, a plethora of characters that have made the Archie line of comics one of the most popular for 65 years!

Archie Comics appeal to an audience of young boys and girls, the perfect entry-level customer for comic shops. Approximately 55 to 60 percent of that audience is female, making Archie one of the few and certainly most prominent publishers addressing the reading needs of female adolescents.

Our demographics are just one of the reasons we consider ourselves "READER BREEDERS." Another reason is accessibility to a general audience: with over 90 percent self-contained story lines, Archie titles make the perfect "impulse purchase." They are read, cover-to-cover, several times over. Furthermore, research shows that children who begin reading comics with Archie often move on to the adventurous fare of Marvel, DC and others as they grow older.

Archie Comics are great any time of the year, with stories written to match the seasons. They are also the perfect comics for special occasions, be it for "trick or treat" bags, Christmas stocking stuffers and Chanukah gifts, Easter baskets, or summer camp backpack stuffers.

In addition to children buying Archie comics, parents and guardians also purchase them for their children. In fact, Archie is one of the only lines of comics passed on from one generation to the next. Parents who grew up reading Archie continue to buy these comics for their children, because they know Archie is fun, believable and safe for kids.

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