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The Adventures of Bio Boy at Speakeasy Comics!

Posted: Friday, July 8, 2005
Posted By: Rik Offenberger

July 8, 2005, Toronto, Canada ­ DANGER! Giant Muck Monsters are trying to crush you! Robo Squiders are squishing you! Lizard Mods are slashing at you with their swords! Your hairy, monstrous Ex-Girlfriend is constantly rejecting you! All in a dayıs work for the hottest star in the universe, Bio Boy!

This September, creator/writer Sal Cipriano and publisher Speakeasy Comics bring monthly doses of all the danger and adventure you can handle as Bio Boy debuts at comic shops everywhere!

In The Adventures of Bio Boy, our hero is the hottest celebrity ever; the star of his own reality game show, and everyone wants a piece of him, literally! The BIO BOY SHOW is has the contestants play to crush, maims,mutilate, and destroy him! Even his support and maintenance team mess with him by sabotaging his equipment and parts just for kicks! Those aren't Bio Boy's only challenges though, his biggest challenge of all is with his transforming spotlight-stealing narrating robotic arm, N16!

Creator/Writer Sal Cipriano wants to explore an aspect of comics that seems
neglected--- good old-fashioned FUN! ³Since I was young I was always
attracted to light-hearted books, and for me the key to light-hearted is
heart. Bio Boy has that in spades!² Joining Sal on the art front for the
first few issues is NYC Mech artist Andy MacDonald who found that ³It has a
Saturday Morning cartoon kinda vibe, and an action figure appeal, that made
it really fun to draw.²

The Adventures of Bio Boy is drawn in a DVD-style or in Bio Boy terms: BDV
(Bionic Digital Video) and is a TV show in progress, complete with
commercial breaks and backup ³special features² which include stories that
explore the characters further, backstage and deleted scenes, Bio Bios, tech
pages, pinups, and more! Sal commented, ³Each issue of The Adventures of Bio
Boy is jammed with stories and extras. I want fans to really get their
moneyıs worth when they pick up an issue of Bio Boy, and they sure do!²

³Getting a chance to do this comic is a dream come true for me, and doing it
under the Speakeasy Comics banner is equally a dream. Growing in comics the
way I have, I feel proud to be a part of a company that really cares about
their business and creators.² Sal Cipriano has been writing and drawing
indie and online comics such as Broken Donuts, Altered Realities, and for
the past few years, The Twins Chronicles.

The Adventures of Bio Boy, a $2.99 full color 32 page comic, is in Diamond
Previews now (JUL053053) and in shops in September. Created and written by
Sal Cipriano, drawn by Andy MacDonald (with a back up story drawn by Chris
Brimacombe and Marco DiLeonardo), colored by Jok of Estudio Haus, and
published by Speakeasy Comics.

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