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Clifford Meth and Neal Adams Tag-Team for Messner-Loebs

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Posted By: Jason Brice

“The ethical battle to aid William Messner-Loebs just took a new turn,” says Aardwolf Publishing’s president Jim Reeber. “With Clifford Meth and Neal Adams both firmly in Bill’s corner now, there’s bound to be bright news on the horizon.”

Adams joined the fray this morning at Meth’s behest and has begun personally calling publishers to find work for Messner-Loebs, whose string of bad luck has landed him in a Salvation Army shelter along with his very ill wife Nadine.

Meth, in the meantime, continues his awareness campaign in an endless series of calls and email to industry insiders, as well as in his column “Past Masters” at Today, Meth announced that artists Steve Lieber and Al Milgrom will be participating in THE THREE TENORS: OFF KEY, a project designed to aid Messner-Loebs. The book, which is co-sponsored by SilverBulletComicBooks, will also include work from Dave Cockrum as well as Dave Sim (Introduction) and Tom Spurgeon (Afterword).

“Neal has a certain magic,” says Meth. “His participation signals that this Greek tragedy has just been transformed into a John Wayne movie. Of course, nothing will happen over night, and participation from the fans—specifically by buying the projects Bill is involved with now—will make or break this campaign.”

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