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Rave Reviews for Atomeka’s A1 Big Issue Zero!

Posted: Monday, September 20, 2004
Posted By: Shawn Patty

The reviews have rolled in with Atomeka’s return to comic book publishing in the world’s greatest comic book anthology, A1:

“It's hard to find many comics this good.” -- Steven Grant at Comic Book Resources’ Permanent Damage

“Possibly the greatest anthology comic ever.” Grim Tidings’ Graeme McMillan from Broken Frontier

“The talent throughout the book is unmistakable, and based on looking at this and the other first offerings from Atomeka, I think the company has a bright future.” –Randy Lander, the Fourth Rail.

“There’s a greater sense of fun to this than I’ve seen in years in US superhero comics, the art is superb, and the pacing is hectic.” – Craig Johnson, Sunday Slugfest at

“Good stuff…” – Mike Sterling,

“Pure gold.” – Greg Thompson,

Copies are still available of A1 Big Issue Zero (Diamond order code MAY042343), the A1 Special: Glenn Fabry’s BRICKTOP (code JUN042244), and the critically-acclaimed Dave Johnson Sketchbook (code MAY042344).

Mr. Monster: Worlds War III ships this Wednesday from Diamond (code JUN042243).

Enjoying A1? Don’t miss the A1 Sketchbook, available for order right now in the Diamond PREVIEWS catalog on page 236. With Alan Moore and Garry Leach’s creation WARPSMITH on the front cover, and Warren Ellis and Steve Pugh’s character HOTWIRE on the back cover, the Sketchbook features 64 pages of artwork from the top of the top drawer, like Dave Johnson, Glenn Fabry, Brian Bolland, Alex Horley, Garry Leach, Dave Dorman, Steve Pugh, Ray Lago, Kevin Maguire, the A1 Sketchbook also features the premiere of Bob Burden’s new character, PIRATE GIRL, and a page of an Alan Moore WARPSMITHS script.

Atomeka: for readers who care, from creators that still give a damn.

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