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El Gato Negro Returns in November

Posted: Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Posted By: Shawn Patty


In 1993, Azteca Productions and Richard Dominguez introduced the world to South Texas and its intrepid crime fighter El Gato Negro, and while not the first Hispanic hero with his own series (Relampago by Judge Garza hold that title) it led to a burst of comics featuring Hispanic super-heroes.

After a 7-year hiatus El Gato Negro returns with El Gato Negro, Nocturnal Warrior #1, the first chapter of the 4-part “Legacy” storyline which retells EGN’s first major adventure, with writer Michael S. Moore providing a fresh new take on EGN, with pencils by newcomer Efren Molina, and inked by Richard Dominguez.

El Gato Negro faces his first great challenge when the mysterious El Graduado (means the Graduate) begins killing off the crime families of the South Texas underworld, and a deadly countdown begins to an event that will change the landscape of Texas and the United States drug trade for decades to come. That is, unless El Gato Negro stops him, which is easier said than done as an even deadlier villain emerges, and one hero must stand alone…or does he?

“I felt that I didn’t do justice to true EGN fans who really deserve a book that is worthwhile reading about a Hispanic superhero.” says El Gato Negro’s creator, Richard Dominguez.” I’m relaunching the series with the services of writer Michael Moore (who is part Latino), who I believe truly understands the essence of the community.” Dominguez then adds “ I’m really excited about Efren Molina’s pencils. It gives us a chance to look at EGN through the eyes of someone who truly believes in the character. Efren’s pencils give a darker atmosphere for the book. It pulls the ‘the true-blue-Gato fans’ right into the story.”

In the early seventies, in the South Texas town of McAllen, a legendary war raged between El Gato Negro, a famous masked wrestler who fought crime, and a vicious drug kingpin named Boss Ignacio Ochoa. Their battles lasted for a full decade before El Gato Negro proved victorious, and sent Boss Ochoa to prison for life. El Gato Negro, aka Agustin Guerrero, then retired, his services no longer required…

30 years later, the mantle of El Gato Negro has fallen to Agustin’s grandson Francisco “Panchito” Guerrero, social worker by day, and not a moment too soon, as Boss Ochoa’s son, Armando returns to South Texas, and a war for control of the Southwest underworld begins again…

The first issue is a 32 pages B&W comic to be solicited in the September issue of Previews for a November release.

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