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San Diego Comic-Con Report - Vertigo Panel

Posted: Sunday, July 25, 2004
Posted By: Keith Dallas

Vertigo's Executive Editor, Karen Berger discussed this year's and some of next year's plans for DC's Vertigo imprint. Joining her were a dozen of Vertigo's editors, writers and artists: Peter Gross (Lucifer), Dave Gibbons (The Originals), Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets), Cliff Chiang (Human Target), Andy Diggle (Swamp Thing), Bill Willingham (Fables), Pia Guerra (Y: The Last Man), Marcelo Frusin, Phil Jimenez (Otherworld), Jock (Losers), Colleen Doran, and Enrique Breccia (Swamp Thing).

Among other announcements:

Dave Gibbons' written and drawn 160 page hard cover black-and-white graphic novel The Originals will be released in September. Partly autobiographical, the novel is about "being a Mod" and "wanting to belong" in the 1960s.

Starting bi-monthly in August, We 3, written by Grant Morrison with art by Frank Quitely stars three domestic animals that are abducted by the government and made into cyborg assassins. The animals escape and try to find their way home to their masters.

Bill Willingham announced that next year a Fables hardcover graphic novel will be published. It will be a collection of stories drawn by different artists, of which Charles Vess is one.

Dead Boy Detectives, written and drawn by Jill Thompson will come out next summer. It's a detective story featuring manga-style "Dead Boy Detectives," who were originally introduced in Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

Brian Azzarello has signed a three-year exclusive contract with DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm. Besides continuing 100 Bullets, Azzarello will write Loveless (which he co-created with artist Marcelo Frusin). Azzarello described the book as "a western that isn't a western" and "Bonnie and Clyde on horseback." Frusin stated he wanted the book to have the visual impact of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. Azzarello promises "a hell of a lot of violence."

Andy Diggle will bring Swamp Thing "back to its EC horror roots." "It's going to be scary, and it's going to be gross," he asserted.

Karen Berger also announced Sloth, a graphic novel by Gilbert Hernandez (of Love and Rockets fame), which deals with a man who awakens from a coma and has to adapt to the drastic changes in his life, and Stealth Tribes, a graphic novel written by Warren Ellis with art by Colleen Doran which focuses on an underground group devoted to body modification and different states of consciousness brought on by computer technology.

Brian K. Vaughan's Pride is a 128 page hardcover "political animal" graphic novel based on the real occurrence of the American bombing of Baghdad in early 2003 freeing all the city zoo animals. A pride of lions make their way through the streets of Baghdad at the onset of the war in a tale with relevant political subtexts.

Some time next year Vertigo will publish Otherworld, written and drawn by Phil Jimenez. A group of Southern Californian students are kidnapped and taken to "Otherworld" where they are forced to fight a border war. Jimenez stated that the book confronts a person's ethical and moral responsibility to deal with "bad people."

Neverwhere is a nine-issue Mike Carey written mini-series "faithfully" adapting Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name. Gaiman has been an active consultant on the series, which will be released next year.

Karen Berger stated there has been no update on Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's project, City of Lights nor does Vertigo have any plans for Shade, The Changing Man.

Moving away from comics, Berger had high praise for the Constantine movie, starring Keanu Reeves. She asserted, "it looks and feels like a Vertigo book. Yes, Keanu Reeves is not British, but he understands the character." (Vertigo's adaptation of the film will be written by Steven Seagle and drawn by Ron Randall.) Berger stated that many Vertigo properties have been optioned, but nothing is committed. A script for Y: The Last Man is being written.

When asked about the possibility of Vertigo working with Quentin Tarantino on a pre-Kill Bill back story, Berger stated she has had no contact with the film director but expressed interest in the idea.

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