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Over 100,00 Fans Read Proximity Effect Online

Posted: Thursday, July 1, 2004
Posted By: Shawn Patty


The first two issues of Proximity Effect, an original comic book property, have been released by Top Cow via the Internet. More than 100,000 comic fans have responded by reading the free issues, currently available online at "These numbers are typically consistent with the readership of a much more established comic title like X-Men or Spiderman," says Joel Elad, Director of Sales and Marketing for Top Cow.

The release of the first chapters, representing over one third of the overall story, is part of a new marketing strategy by Top Cow Productions. The comic giant has created a built in audience for Proximity Effect and concludes the story in a 96 page graphic novel filled with all the issues of the comic, bonus anthology stories and a collectible cover by Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri. The book is available today in comic stores for $9.99.

As part of the Proximity Effect marketing strategy, Top Cow has formed several promotional partnerships, with companies like Peavey Guitars, Jones Soda and Broadjam. These partnerships will provide Proximity Effect marketing exposure that will appeal to its traditional fan base, as well as broaden its audience beyond the normal comic book channels. Elements of the partnerships include the release of a music CD, contests, co-branded products, product placement and a music video.

Proximity Effect is a whole new way for us to do business. We’re excited about forming relationships with marketing partners outside of the comic industry to broaden our audience, as well as tap into the power of the Internet to reach a mass audience.” said Matt Hawkins, Top Cow's President.

“Successes like Spider-Man prove that there are huge audiences for this type of content, which has entertaining stories and compelling characters – it just needs to be more accessible,” said Roger Mincheff, Proximity Effect’s Creator.

About Proximity Effect
Throughout history, beings of great power have walked the earth, for the most part unknown and undetected. Some have become historic figures, but few knew where their powers came from. This is the story of one such being, Lisa. Her power only works when she's near Caleb, who is her "Source." Caleb has the ability to give superhuman powers to those who are compatible and standing within 30 feet of him. This is the Proximity Effect.

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