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The Confessional - One Shot

Posted: Thursday, June 17, 2004
Posted By: Shawn Patty

The Confessional – One shot

The Confessional one shot is a limited edition special being Distributed through Diamond. It is written by Chris McCay, with full colour art by Lee O’Connor. Cover artwork by Anthea Dilley.

It is aimed at mature readers.

Each issue has full colour interiors and cover, comic book sized; 40 pages. To retail at £2.95 UK and $4.50 US.


Having spent the last 4 million years as an outcast, the Devil has had enough! Tired of his role, and with no desire to act as God's Adversary any longer, he confesses all to a Priest, what else would you do?

But why has he decided to quit?

He longs to return to his home after having being banished for all eternity; He was wrongfully painted as the ultimate evil - a role that was thrust upon him by his "creator"; or Mankind itself has taken on the role of God's Adversary so he is no longer needed.

Can the Devil quit? What would happen if he does? The balance of the world sits in the hands of a priest.

The Creators

Christopher McCay was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He took to reading and writing comics at a very young age, and has no intention of stopping either pursuit. He is currently working as a Network and Systems Engineer as he pursues a career in comic book writing. He has been married to his lovely and beautiful wife Melissa for 6 years, and the two currently live with their 1 ½ year old Nathaniel, their 4 cats, a dog, and Melissa’s father Gary. He would like to thank Melissa for her patience, Nathaniel for his laughter, and Anthony for his divine interventions.

Lee O’Connor started drawing when he was just one year old, and then some mere nineteen years later was graduating Swindon College's unique Sequential Illustration course. Lee has been professional for a year now, with career highlights including the American 'Prophecy Magazine', and work that'll see exposure on national television - and contributions to Engine Comics Fusion. He lives in Totnes in Devon, a town that has a strangely high number of 2000AD artists per head of the population.

The Story:

A middle-aged man enters a confessional in a Roman-Catholic church. When addressed by the priest the man confesses that he is the Devil, and he no longer wants his job.

The Devil has spent the last 4 million years, as it is measured on Earth, as an outcast. He is tired of his role, and has no desire to act as God’s Adversary any longer. He tells the Priest of 3 occasions that he uses as examples for why he has decided to quit.

First, his expulsion. The realm that he originated in exists outside of our own space-time. There are no words to describe it, but being forced to exist outside of it is like asking a man to learn how to live on Jupiter without any assistance. Second, the writing of the Judeo-Christian Bible. In it, he is painted as the ultimate evil. He does not believe himself to be evil, but it is a role that was thrust upon him. Lastly, he explains that Mankind itself has taken on the role of God’s Adversary so he is no longer needed.

The Priest cannot believe his ears. Satan, the Great Deceiver, the Ultimate Evil, is sitting in the confessional! The Priest, however, believes that if the Devil is to give up his role in the Great Plan then everything will come undone. Satan defines God, in the Priest’s opinion. Like light and darkness, black and white, good and evil. For one to exist, there must be its polar opposite! And so, the Priest makes a decision that will change his life.

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