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Cla$$ Is Back In Session

Posted: Wednesday, June 25
By: Markisan Naso

It took us an eon, but we feel it was worth the wait. We can officially announce that Travel Foreman is the new artist on Cla$$war. He is currently completing issues #4 and #5, after which he will immediately begin work on #6. Our current aim is to solicit issue #4 next month so that the first series is completed by the end of the year. The TPB is scheduled for release early/mid 2004.

We have held off on the announcement for a number of reasons -- the first being that we wanted to make sure that Travel became accustomed to both the story and it's characters and also that both he and Len have enough time to adjust to each others styles. We also wanted to make sure we had a significant amount of work complete so that the readers could see that the series would be finished. It will also mean that we can solicit the series in the confidence that we will meet the deadlines and ship on time.

We're very pleased that Travel has jumped on board -- it was essential that we found someone that could maintain the integrity and quality that we had instigated. At the same time we needed an artist that could bring his own distinctive style to the second part of the story arc (we didn't just want a 'Trevor-clone' to finish the series off). It was a huge objective we set ourselves, but we feel we were successful in our mission. We are as excited about this project as we have ever been -- I think this is apparent in the pages that I've sent you (see SBC exclusive pics below).

We are aware more than any of you that our product has been plagued with difficulties -- lateness, burglaries, art delays, etc. -- the reason why we've been so quiet is that we've been keeping our heads down, getting on with the work and making sure the titles are well on their way before announcing and soliciting them. This will become apparent over the forthcoming months. We've proved we can produce quality projects, now we want to prove that we can meet deadlines and gain the trust from the retailers and give them the
confidence to stock our titles.

"It's been a bit of a wait but it's been worth it,” says Cla$$war writer Rob Williams. “Travel's art is just wonderful -- he's got a real Travis Charest thing going on. There's a dynamism and sense of natural drama about his work. Cla$$war helped launch Trev Hairsine on the American market, I'm sure Travel's going to enjoy similar attention from the series.

"And Len O'Grady's colour work is as good as people will remember from issues 1-3. He's a real hidden gem.

"It's great to have Cla$$war up and running again -- hopefully the reaction to issues 4-6 will be as good as it was for 1-3."

"Cla$$war has really become a baby for me,” adds Len O'Grady, who will continue his colour work on the series. “It's clean, non-fussy approach and Com.X's approach to color and art has been a real breath of fresh air,” O’Grady says. “It's not a case of the newest filter or gimmick, but with creating a palette that appeals on an emotional level, so I'm confident that these stories will hold up to the test of time.”

For the uninitiated, the Cla$$war collected #1-#3, featuring the U.S. debut art of Trevor (Captain America) Hairsine, will be available in store from August 2003. I don't think it takes me to point out that this is essential reading -- the fact that it was voted "Best Small Press Superhero Comic of 2002" by Wizard Magazine is a testament in itself.

What They’re Saying About Cla$$war:

“With a gang of superheroes that make The Authority look like your grandma’s knitting circle, Cla$$war took the indy press by storm, raised quite a few eyebrows, and made its creators (writer Rob Williams and penciller Trev Hairsine) potential mainstream superstars).”

“If Cla$$war is any indication, Williams just may be the next Mark Millar.”
- Wizard

“Enough emotional impact, character development, exposition, plot points, and action for a year's worth of comics... A modern classic. 5 out of 5”
- SilverBulletComicBooks

“I’ve rarely seen a comic launch with such a heads down, balls to the wall fashion as this -- you’ll want to read it twice and the second time’s the charm. If you ever wished that The Authority could be serious for a moment or that Rising Stars could say something more in fewer words, this is for you.”
- Borderline

“Rob Williams' script is full of nice ideas and arresting, eye-catching scenes -- this book is recommended as one of the most solid debuts for a new superhero comic for some time. Try it.”
- BBC online

“I've been really impressed by a particular British comic book, Cla$$war, which is actually based on the writings of Noam Chomsky. The whole notion of a comic that tries to look at the idea of class instead of the adventures of a superhero is pretty interesting.”
- London’s Metro Newspaper

“Incredibly readable -- it’s easy to see that this is going to be something important. An excellent start for a series which promises much and isn’t afraid to stare into the dark heart of America while others prefer to look away. 8 out of 10”
- Dreamwatch

Cla$$war is impressive for several reasons, not only because it has a large ensemble cast that are introduced both clearly and cleverly; not only because it's a deceptively dense comic with some stunning artwork; not only because it veers from widescreen spectacle to grim and gritty 80's funk to paranoid espionage movie; not only because it opens mid-story and dares you to keep up. . . But because it does all this, and delivers. Worth your money.”
- Savant

“Given the strength of writing here, which is a beautiful depiction of a soldier who has lost his ideals, the only thing that justified his life of violence, I expect that future issues will impress me as much as the initial one did. 9 out of 10”
- TheFourthRail

“This is a promising debut, which, ironically, may be perfectly timed to find an audience looking to question White House policy. It's also a positive sign that Com.X can produce the goods. 4 out of 5”

“Wow. This comic goes beyond everything I had expected from it. An excellent
first issue, making me want to read the rest of the series as soon as possible. Go pick this up, you will not be sorry. 9 out of 10”
- The Doctor’s Diagnosis Comic Reviews

“They’ve laid out all the right ingredients for a fantastic thriller. Our hero, American, seems up against impossible odds, but whatever the outcome of this battle, you won’t want to miss an issue of Cla$$war. 8 out of 10”
- Sequential Tart

“It's an impressive package. Worth a look. A-”
- X-Axis Reviews