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Sneak Peek: Stripperella

Posted: Friday, March 28
Posted By: Markisan Naso
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Stripperella: The Wildest, Most Exotic Superheroine of All!

Humanoids Publishing will publish a one shot Stripperella comic book based on the Stripperella animated series that debuts in late June on TNN, television's first network for men. The Stripperella comic book will be a sneak peek of the television series created by the show's original production team spearheaded by Stan Lee.

"I'm thrilled to be partnering with Humanoids to release the first comic book and sneak peek of Stripperella. I always wanted to create a story about a sexy female superhero. I believe that this character is visually perfect for both mediums," says Stan Lee. "Who wouldn't want to see a drawn and animated version of Pamela Anderson, one of the sexiest women alive!?"

Created by Stan Lee, Stripperella stars Pamela Anderson as Erotica Jones, an exotic dancer who leads a double life as super secret agent Stripperella. Set in a near-future Los Angeles, this animated series finds Stripperella squaring off against a cadre of villains, such as the evil plastic surgeon Dr. Cesarean, who installs highly explosive, nitroglycerin breast implants in Erotica’s friends. Stripperella will have pack several unique, high-tech gadgets in her arsenal, such as the all-purpose Laser-Lipstick, the Hair-a-Chute, a Lie Detecting Chest (if you put your hands on it she can tell whether or not you’re lying) and an Under Tongue Scanner, allowing her to capture a digital image of anything she licks!?

The full color Stripperella comic will be in stores in early June 2003. It is written by Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man), illustrated by Harry Cane, and features a cover by Cameron Stewart (Catwoman). The Stripperella comic is 32 pages and priced at $2.95.

Stripperella is solicited in the most recent Previews and goes on sale June 11.

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