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Com.X Office Burglarized; Currently Assessing Extent of Damages And Losses

Posted: Wednesday, September 25
Posted By: J Hues
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Silver Bullert Comics has received some unfortunate news from the team at com.x. It seems that this past Sunday morning at 3:30AM their studios were burglarized. According to a representative, “they trashed the whole of our first floor and attempted to steal, and subsequently damaged, ₤20,000 worth of Macintosh equipment.”

While they are currently assessing the damage, they have determined that a great deal of work has been lost as a result of the break-in. “All previously published titles are safe and backed up,” they were pleased to report. However, it appears as if they’ve lost the final pages to N-Jin #0 and some other upcoming projects that have yet to be announced.

The work on the upcoming Codename: Babetool by Walther Taborda and Jose Luis Gaitan appears to be save (though some recoloring may be necessary). Luckily, the burglars focused primarily on the computers, so all ‘manual’ artwork is safe and accounted for.

The Macintoshes that com.x uses to produce their work has been “completely trashed.” More details will be made available as we continue to follow this story.

Com.x also stated that they are currently looking to open an office in Los Angeles and are seeking office space now. They intend to have a “major presence there.”

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