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Avatar Press have provided us a nine-page preview of Ferals #1, the upcoming werewolf comic by David Lapham (Stray BulletsYoung Liars) and Gabriel Andrade (Die Hard: Year One), set for release in January 2012. Ferals follows a lawman who investigates a series of small-town murders... caused by a lycanthrope. So, David Lapham returning to crime, plus a werewolf? IN.

Check out the Issuu preview below. Oh, and this comic is totally NSFW.

Ordering Information:

FERALS #1 Regular Cover Edition              $3.99 SRP, Diamond Item Code: NOV110754

FERALS #1 “Gore” Cover Edition               $3.99 SRP, Diamond Item Code: NOV110755

FERALS #1 Wraparound Cover Edition    $3.99 SRP, Diamond Item Code: NOV110756

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