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Puncture #4 - Silver Bulletins Exclusive

Posted: Saturday, April 6
Posted By: Craig Lemon
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Dormant in the human bloodstream exists an enzyme.
The biological function of which was to liberate our protectors.
In exchange for protection we gave food.
The food we gave, was ourselves.

- - -

Menacingly they begin to approach, tearing through the veil of legend:
Na Eth Nov'ar - The Children of the Blood Ocean.

It is not by Gods grace alone that we go...

- - -

Since launching in April 2001, PUNCTURE, a heavy noir comic book series from British comics publisher com.x has confused and intrigued many with its bizarre, brutal multi-layered storyline and stunning graphics. More film than comic book, PUNCTURE is the first title from com.x to receive interest from their US literary agents Circle Of Confusion and will be one of the first titles to be stocked in Borders stores in the UK from early March.

PUNCTURE plunges us into a boiling, contemporary noir, supernatural thriller: A violent and mysterious world of ancient pacts, Dark Uncles and Demon warriors. The main protagonist we follow is Luc Bannor; a descendant of 'NA ETH NOV'AR', a mythical, nomadic race from Eastern Europe who have been persecuted over the centuries And almost wiped out due to ignorance and fear. "NA ETH NOV'AR" means 'CHILDREN OF THE BLOOD OCEAN', and these guys were humanity's protectors but over centuries have turned their back on humanity and become the basis for many contemporary myths and legends. The NOV'AR, it is said, were the shining ones who granted us safe passage. Their enhanced biology grants them powers beyond our wildest imaginings, bound by the pact made through the ages, to protect their brothers in exchange for a blood sharing.

Within each issue of PUNCTURE are flashbacks to key events in the three thousand year ascension, persecution and re-emergence of the NOV'AR and those they protect. The ancient world meets the new world in modern day NEW JERUSALEM where the story of PUNCTURE takes place:-

Monitoring society's darker side, through a ring of private cyber forums, Bannor intercedes to protect those 'victims' beyond the aid of conventional means. One of whom is Samantha, whom Bannor saves from a vicious street attack. But a greater danger haunts The Heart district of New Jerusalem; a serial killer branded by the media as the CANIMAL KILLER. A message posted for Bannor at, threatens that children are being slaughtered, and that he cannot hide forever. Who posted the message? Who or what is the CANIMAL? What is Bannor's link?

Against a three thousand year history of savagery and slaughter, Bannor violently pursues the hidden truth behind the Canimal killings. Inextricably revealing NA ETH NOV'AR and Bannor's own tortured past.

Through the tangled mists of intrigue the truth of NA ETH NOV'AR is finally revealed and one of humanity's most savage myths finally expounded.

The Diamond Solicitation for the new issue is as follows:-

PUNCTURE #4 of 12 (Russell Uttley. Ben Oliver)


The Dark Uncles 'open' Puncture:

Adrift in the raging waters of The Blood Ocean, a thousand years denial tear at his assumed humanity.

Transformed into a cursed myth, denied his mother and family, and reviled by his new nature, he rejects the Uncles' pact - and in defiance suffers the ultimate tragedy.

Shattered he departs a ruined world. Destitute.


We spoke to creator Russell Uttley about the new issue:

SBC: What can you tell us first off about Puncture #4?

RU: This is the one that everyone will be hunting for.

SBC: Pardon?

RU: It's a shame really - the reviews and fan reaction confirm that Puncture is well received, but unfortunately the majority of the issues were solicited during the period where com.x became overrun with attempting to respond to industry reaction to our arrival - we tried to do everything for everyone, bit naive really but, y'know, lessons needed to be learnt. Consequently all our titles slipped, Puncture included and now the pre-orders are low.

SBC: That's almost the slippery slope to oblivion, then?

RU: It's bloody hard to generate energy in this market - no one wants to take a risk on new product, consequently the readers end up screaming at us because the books sell out quickly. We can't afford to speculate much on top of the pre-order print run, so we end up with lots of people unhappy at no comics...

SBC: Of course, with issues 3 and 4 of Puncture the situation has been exacerbated by the delay in the schedule.

RU: Sure. We expected #3 to lose sales, but #4 isn't doing much better and we need to fix that. As I said, it's a shame: issue 4 is the key to the whole series. Issue 3 already answered some questions, but #4 is the kicker. Pretty much anything you need to know is in there and at the moment it has the lowest preorder of any of the issues.

SBC: So the irony is that the most important book is going to be the least printed?

RU: All i can do is tell people and hope they can stretch their faith enough to increase their orders - but I'm not holding my breath. Those people who read Puncture love it - and there's a lot more out there who want it but can't get it (problems of a reactive industry). We have picked up major acclaim for the style, thought and method behind the storytelling, and still it falters.

SBC: What can be done, though?

RU: Puncture #4 even more aggressively pioneers the contemporary comics genre than the previous issues. We are pushing representational storytelling and cinematic technique even further. This is THE one. It's THE key. It's special - THE pivotal point. Puncture #5 and #6 are going to blow into town and they're going to be fucking mayhem. If you haven't had Puncture #4, you'll be wondering what the hell's going on. If you don't like films - don't bother with Puncture; otherwise, get out there and demand your retailer stocks 'em. Tell them this: Puncture #4 orders are still open until April 19 2002. Print begins April 20 and ahipping is May week1. Your retailer can order through Diamond, through Coldcut, through, or even direct from us at - don't miss it, guys!

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