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  1. Wizards (1977) Blu-ray Review Cover Image

    Wizards (1977) Blu-ray Review

    In a bleak future that's a blend of World War II Europe and Tolkien's Middle-earth, a runty wizard (Bob Holt) must save the world from fascist mutants controlled by his evil twin brother (Steve Gravers), who likes to project films of Adolf Hitler speeches during attacks.

    Movie Review Article Jason Sacks, Paul Brian McCoy March 26, 2012
  2. PRESS RELEASE: 'SLEDGEHAMMER' A Science Fiction Film Cover Image

    PRESS RELEASE: 'SLEDGEHAMMER' A Science Fiction Film

    Back this project on Kickstarter to help create the visual effects for a science fiction short film and be rewarded with a feature length documentary on the making of and more!

    Movie News Article March 10, 2012
  3. Objectified (2009) Cover Image

    Objectified (2009)

    Objectified is a documentary about industrial design, the products and the people behind them. It is also a film about our relationship with the objects around us, both in how we use them to define ourselves, as well as interact with the world.

    Column Article, Convenient Truths Daniel Elkin December 10, 2011
  4. Another Earth Blu-ray Review Cover Image

    Another Earth Blu-ray Review

    A Twilight Zone style science fiction film is also a fascinating meditation on death, loss and redemption. If you could meet yourself, what would you do?

    Movie Review Article Jason Sacks December 7, 2011