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  1. Side Effects (2013) Cover Image

    Side Effects (2013)

    Side Effects combines elements of Soderbergh's topical thrillers with more populist work to create an engrossing pop thriller for adults.

    Movie Review Article Danny Djeljosevic February 15, 2013
  2. Parker (2013) Cover Image

    Parker (2013)

    Unless your bucket list includes seeing every Statham movie ever, you’ve already seen Parker. Several times. Only better.

    Movie Review Article Laura Akers January 31, 2013
  3. The Last Stand (2013) Cover Image

    The Last Stand (2013)

    The Last Stand is the best we can hope for when it comes to the return of an action star from those halcyon days of high bodycounts and low ideology.

    Movie Review Article Danny Djeljosevic January 23, 2013