September's Prognostications

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or, "Hypertime Follies Of 2001!"

Orders due by September 23rd for product shipping in November and later. Order from your local comics dealer, your favorite mail order place, or however it takes your fancy.

(Disclaimer: The author is flying almost as blindly as everyone else, and has notoriously unusual taste at times. This is a subjective guide, not a set of commandments. Do you like my interdimensional defrangulator? It's so cool in plaid!)

Offerings this month include the rebooted Catwoman #1, a quartet of Superman titles that interest me not at all, and too damn many hardcovers for anyone sensible -- including George Pratt's Batman: Harvest Breed, Green Lantern: Legacy - The Last Will And Testament Of Hal Jordan (written by Joe Kelly), and JLA: Riddle Of The Beast, an Elseworlds written by Alan Grant and painted by a slew of people. The Hawkman Archives Volume 1 is offered again, and Plastic Man Archives Volume 3 makes its debut (one for my list, anyway).
Jimmy Palmiotti takes over scripting on Superboy this month, with #94. I am bailing now. I'll stay with Supergirl, though, which now frees itself from crossovers with #64, and about damn time too. Chuck Dixon's books continue to do the Joker: Last Laugh thing, thus helping many of us to make the choice to save money.
JLA/Haven: Arrival may be of interest. Two new writers sold DC on the concept of a huge spacegoing city crashing to Earth where Coast City once stood.
Green Arrow #10 finally wraps up "Quiver". At this point, I'm glad it didn't run for twelve after all. I'll probably also go with The Spectre #11, and the final issues of Generations II and JLA: Incarnations
The Authority #28 sees the return of nasty old Seth. Hilarity ensues. Further issues of The Establishment, The Monarchy, and Cybernary 2.0 also arrive, as does The Authority: Widescreen, a 48 page special with a story from Bryan Hitch.
Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset #2 ... not to be missed.
Four Women #2 from Sam Kieth. Again, one to show to the folks who don't get comics yet.

MAX heads into its third month, wrapping up US War Machine with issues 9-12, as well as a trade paperback compiling the lot. If you haven't started on the series already, then the trade will probably be the best way to go, as well as a bit cheaper. Fury and Alias continue apace.
The combination of Greg Rucka and Yoshitaka Amano on Elektra/Wolverine: Redeemer is an interesting one, especially as the story is prose with illustrations. I'm waiting for the collected edition, however, though I know many will not.
Daredevil: Yellow wraps up with #6. I've meanwhile lost interest in the mainstream DD series -- what, he's getting the whackies again?!
Then there's Black Panther #38, and Captain Marvel #25.
Of the trades coming this month, I lean towards Crossover Classics III for geek potential, and towards The Essential Dr. Strange because I kinda like that nut.

Dark Horse
The usual Lone Wolf And Cub, now up to Vol. 16: The Gateway Into Winter.
A new Hellboy novel, The Bones Of Giants, will be on the loose, illustrated by Mike Mignola, written by Christopher Golden.
Akira, Book Five arrives with a slightly higher price and a slightly larger page count.

Image/Top Cow
Dean Motter's Electropolis #3 is a definite on my list.
Powers #16, continuing the "Supergroup" arc.
I've abandoned Savage Dragon, finally. Got bored, alas.

Everybody Else
AiT/PlanetLar serves up Sky Ape: Waiting For Crime. No, you are the weird one. It's 56 pages, and you will get it. You will also get Don't Trust Whitey by James Kochalka Superstar -- a CD and minicomic combination. You will acquire this because a) I say so and b) JKS produces really, really, really superior music with quirks and bends to it.
More Slow News Day from Andi Watson, now at #3 of 6. Don’t wait for the trade paperback, you fool!
Okay, it's a shock, but I'm about to mention an Avatar Breast, er, Press title -- of course, it's Alan Moore's Glory #1. Numerous covers, including one by Joseph Michael Linsner. The sky hasn't fallen, but some of those clouds look kind of shaky to me....
Bent humor is the point of Deep Fried #4, which has done such fun stuff as crossing Peanuts with Wolverine in the past.
David Lapham's Murder Me Dead has all nine issues collected into a single hardcover volume. Not cheap, but worth checking out. There is also a nine-pack of the original comics at a little bit less cost, though the hardcover makes more of a treat.
From Batton Lash and Exhibit A Press is Vampire Brat And Other Tales Of Supernatural Law, compiling a number of issues of Supernatural Law, as well as Mavis #2. Great fun; I've liked this series for years.
Chris Ware's second book is coming -- Quimby The Mouse is another Acme Novelty Library title, and will have hardcover and softcover editions.
Battle Pope Shorts #3, because you can never be too perverse. Don't miss Saint Michael #3 either. Funk-O-Tron have also picked up the ball with the late Double Image with Double Take #6, which continues Larry Young's Codeflesh and introduces the world to rex mantooth, Kung-Fu Gorilla.
Here's something even my wife would like -- the latest entry in gemstone's Carl Barks Library, an expensive slipcased item with three hardcover volumes of Uncle $crooge reprints in a slipcase. Collecting the entire library is going to prove costly -- still, it is a little cheaper per volume than the Marvel or DC archive volumes. Note that the artwork is reproduced in black and white, however.
Rick Geary presents us with Blanche Goes To Paris, in which pianist Blanche Womack endures further wild adventure while trying to find a paying gig.
I've decided that I'm going to stick with the Metabarons trades from now on, simply to stay in one format. #15 is on the way for those who would rather stay current.
Liberty Meadows #23. I've become a fan. Now I want my local newspaper to carry the strips.
Alan Moore and Tim Perkins serve up Highbury Working, a CD that delves into the Highbury area of London. Words from Alan Moore against soundscapes by Perkins.
Eagle Vol. 22 brings the story to a close, finally. Eagle Volume Four TP is meanwhile a help in catching up on this highly-regarded story.

Alter Ego #11 looks at Timely Comics and Captain Marvel. Asian Cult Cinema #33 looks like a good bet, too.

The Art Of Robert McCall has been reduced in price considerably, which makes it an especially fine value.
I'm picking up Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales Of The Slayer for the rest of the family, who will doubtless wear it out in a hurry.
Trina Robbins' The Great Women Cartoonists looks worthwhile for the reference shelf.
A couple of film references you might want to have: Spaghetti Nightmares and Tokyoscope, both of which delve into varieties of cult cinema.
Various Lucky Luke books are being offered at lowered prices. Good fun stuff, these.

Toys, Videos, Stuff
Getcher Daleks rat cheer, folks! Especially the nice big plastic kit Daleks, eighth scale kits from Comet of both TV and movie Daleks.
A variety of German comics slipcases are being offered for sale, at a reasonably price of $5.99 list -- usually including a comic.
Graphitti not only offers up the Earth X hardcover/2CD package again, but also a t-shirt with the tentative cover of the new Howard The Duck #1 on it. Fast work, boys (on the t-shirt, anyway.)
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie features Belldandy versus her mentor, Celestin, in a new tale. This should be at least amusing -- Ah! My Goddess has been consistently funny. DVD and VHS from Pioneer.
Trigun is collected into an 8 DVD box set by Pioneer -- that's a lot of watching. Actually, it's a lot of money, too.
The fifth DVD set of The Prisoner is coming, and if you want to find out what came before that series, the first two-DVD volume of Secret Agent (aka Danger Man, and, before that, Man In A Suitcase.) For those who waited, the entire Prisoner is going to be available in a 10 DVD box.
GNP Crescendo is releasing The Best Of Stargate SG-1 Season 1, which means choice moments from Joel Goldsmith's underscores. Hmmm. James Horner's Battle Beyond The Stars soundtrack CD (which also includes his score for Humanoids From The Deep) is also again available.

I seem to have run out of Previews to preview! So ... back again next month, with yet more. until then, be well, and remember to wear your underwear on the outside. Ya ho!

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