The World of Subcultures

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Sometimes a comic book can inspire me to write something (in fact many do), or sometimes a good movie can inspire me to write something. This time a movie called Vertical Limit has inspired me to write about subcultures. What does this have to do with comic books? I'm getting there.

As I was watching Vertical Limit, I was introduced to the subculture of mountain climbers. A close knit group who has their own Who's Who in whom are the best mountain climbers. I was never a mountain climber, but I came in close proximity to these daredevils when I rappelled down Moaning Caverns here in Placerville. (Of course, rappellers have their own subculture, but I won't get into that). Moaning Caverns is so large; it can easily house the Statue of Liberty. I was able to meet a few of these mountain climbers who get a thrill of climbing mountains like the Half-Dome in Yosemite. Now, you're probably still wondering what this has to do with comic books. I'm still getting there, be patient.

Throughout my lifetime, I have met other subcultures. I once did a tandem skydive and met the subculture of skydivers, another very close knit group. Not all subcultures have to consist of daredevils, because we have our very own subculture. The comic book subculture. We may read Marvel's Daredevil, but being daredevils only comes in the form of the written word or in the artistic creation of our creators. How can that be you ask? I'll get to that.

We are a close-knit group that consists of comic book readers, comic book collectors, comic book dealers, comic book webmasters, comic book zinesters who utilize hardcopy zines or email zines to get the word out; comic book creators from your pencilers, writers, inkers, colorists, editors, publishers; comic book promoters, etc. We have our own Who's Who that list alumni from Joe Quesada, Will Eisner, Stan Lee, Garth Ennis, Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Smith and many others. Some comic book aficionados have placed these men on a godly level.

The people of the comic book subculture are a very close knit community. Communication is through emails, websites, conventions, comic book signings, newsletters (hardcopy and email), letter hacking. People on the outside of our subculture are touched by the creativity of comic books, when they flock into theaters to see the newest blockbuster movie X-Men. Only then does the outside community ask questions like: "What is Wolverine's healing factor all about?".

Our subculture has a love for the comic book medium. A passion that is unyielding and makes us strive on to make the comic book industry a strong industry. Not only a strong industry, but an industry that is noticeable by the populace of the world through intervention of TV series like Witchblade and major movies from Batman to the upcoming Spider-Man movie. We touch the outside population through hardbound books, radio, videogames and interesting websites.

We are a subculture that makes a difference through our creativity, preservation, promotions and ambition. We may not be daredevils, but we enjoy what we are doing and have placed the world of comic books in the forefront of our lives. Perhaps it's only the creative side of the comic book subculture that can be considered as daredevils, because they must forever be ready for the comic book critics! Let our comic book subculture live on!

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