The Joys Of Creation

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I didn't watch the Academy Awards, but I was told by my friend and associate Jeff Clifford that the Director for the movie Erin Brockovich and Traffic said in words to this effect:

"I want to take this time to thank everyone who was involved in the creative process of these movies. I want to also salute everyone who creates, no matter what it is."

I have always found great satisfaction in creating, more than collecting. Sure, I enjoy reading comic books, but it is more fun to create and being able to hold the finished product in my hands. In the comic book industry there are so many creators.

There are the comic book artists, comic book writers, website designers, publishers of comic book email ezines, publishers of comic book newsletters, script writers, character designers, colorists, etc. No matter if you claim yourself as a professional or an amateur in the comic book industry, these people can all claim the one thing. That they 'create'.

I, for one, get plenty of satisfaction in creating. I create my own newsletter and get plenty of joy when aspiring artists and writers submit their material for publication. Once, at a comic book convention, I listened to a comic book fan complain about how crappy the art was in some independent comic book that was Xeroxed together. I looked at him and said, you must respect the fact that this aspiring comic book creator creates, no matter if his artwork is considered crappy.

If anything we should always encourage the creators. What is interesting is that certain people who have the creative urge, most likely something in our DNA that was derived from the greatest creator of them all, god, have people who wish to preserve their creations. I call them the preservationists. They are the ones who collect comic books and place them carefully in Mylar plastic and go out and purchase acid free backing boards. The preservationists appreciate and enjoy creations and make sure that future generations will have access to their old comic book collections.

Of course, some preservationists can be found working at libraries, archival institutions and other depository institutes where they feel at home. Back to creativity. We can find creators in all categories. My own father was a creator of sorts. When I was younger we would walk the beaches of Monterey and collect driftwood. He would in turn create French Provincial furniture with this driftwood. He also would collect rocks from Carmel Valley and created a large rock wall around our home in Monterey. He was a creator for the purpose of home improvement.

Creators can be found in the film industry, comic book industry, video game industry, animation industry, publishing industry, etc. Almost every kind of industry has their creators and we should have a day recognizing creators of all fields. If it weren't for the creators, we wouldn't have the entertainment that they provide us with their creations.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Dale Roberts, Production Captain
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