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Imagine those Marvel pictures rolling fast with Avengers panels, then a fade to black and suddenly, the movie starts.

The rain is falling heavily on a dark New York sky. We see the clouds and the moon, and the camera starts panning down. The narrator’s voice goes like this:

My name is Rick, Rick Jones. I love music. I have played the harp and the guitar, even had a band once, though that didn’t last. I am a young boy who has surely experienced too many amazing things.

I have been pals with the misunderstood incredible Hulk, and fought alongside Captain America...and many others.

Hey, I even stopped an intergalactic war all by myself, but that’s another story.

Today, I want to tell you about what happened on a certain night in New York...

Narrator stops, and after a brief silence, a ghost-like figure appears, floating on the rainy sky. We can even see the rain passing through him. We see a yellow jewel on his chest. The floating man has red face and dark, empty eyes. He is headed someplace, he doesn’t doubt, and his yellow cape floats above him.

Switch to a beautiful woman’s apartment (NOT Eva Longoria), we see Janet Van Dyne putting on a bracelet and some earrings, when the phone rings:

- Hank, what? Still in the lab? Did you forget we had tickets for the Opera? You know I’ve been waiting months for this! No, don’t get all mad scientist on me! Hank, stop! I don’t understand a word you’re saying!

Through the luxurious corridors of the mansion, an aged butler carries a tray with a newspaper, tea, coffee, and cups of different sizes. He is headed towards Hank Pym’s lab.

As soon as the butler gets there, the door verifies his identity, scanning him in several ways... and he’s in.
- Sorry, Jarvis, but after our recent battles we have to make sure Avengers’ mansion is impenetrable to everybody. Just routine. Please leave everything there, I was just talking to Jan... Yes, honey, I know, but I’ll make up for this...no, I can’t stop right now, I am about to test my new growth formula.

Ant-man’s helmet is on a table, behind Hank, who has his original Giant-Man costume on, and Bill Foster is preparing the lab for Hank to test the formula on himself. As Hank hangs up the phone, his face sweating, Bill asks Hank what happened with that intelligent robot he was working on some time ago:
- It’s funny, Bill, but I can’t remember...it’s as if someone had erased my memory of that event. And I don’t see any robot standing here in the lab, right?
- Well, we could always use the memory inducer and see if you can remember anything at all. Don’t you think?
- Sure, Bill. Just let me see if there’s anything interesting on the paper...mmm, mmm...nope.

Hank goes very fast through the newspaper. The headline reads “The Avengers defeat the Masters of Evil”, showing a picture of Thor smashing the Radioactive Man through a wall.

Then Jan screams...the Vision has arrived.

Ok, I could go on and on about the movie scene by scene, but I think our page hits would drop dramatically.

So let’s just say that when the Vision appears, entering the Wasp’s bedroom, Jan tries to run away and sends a call to the Avengers.

Hawkeye and the Panther are on the street, at night, stooping some criminals from stealing a precious cargo of jewelry. The criminals keep firing at the heroes, but both of the Avengers are too fast for them. The Panther knocks two out with his fists and feet, while the archer displays some of his arrow-tricks. Piece of cake, they think, just as they receive the Wasp’s message.

When they arrive, the Vision lays seemingly dead on the floor.

The line-up of gathered Avengers is: Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, Hank Pym and the Wasp.

After the Vision wakes up quite dizzy, he manages to explain his actions but realizes that he can’t. The only thought that comes to his electronic mind is an image...somewhere down the Lower East Side, there’s a strange base, from where the Vision knows he came. He tells the gathered Avengers that’s where he was created, where he came to be.

All the Avengers, except Thor and Iron Man, go to the hangar, where they pick the team’s distinctive mode of transport...the quinjet.

When they reach Ultron’s base, the Vision becomes intangible, passes through a seemingly abandoned tenement, after which the floor opens and the team sees a futuristic base.

They have to fight their way through Ultron, this being the first badass display of power from all the members of the team. An army of intelligent robots, all of them Ultron-like, try to incinerate them, shoot them, overpower them, etc.

Hank Pym shows his new identity: Giant-Man. He reaches amazing heights as a group of flying Ultrons whirl around him like killer bees, shooting “strange” rays from their heads (meet Ultron’s encephalo-rays).

When all the robots are down, thanks to an amazing display of power by Iron Man, Giant-Man and Thor, Ultron-5 makes a dramatic entrance, saying with the coldest possible voice to the Vision that he did not only fail in his mission, but that he tried to kill his father. Such a bad son, the robot grins. And, as he turns his attention towards Pym, he says:
“You don’t remember creating me, father, do you? Well, as you see, I surpassed your expectations; I am your ultimate, perfect creation. And I already have my own legacy. Just look at the Vision, isn’t he marvelous?

Hank remembers, and after that moment, the battle erupts.

Thor, Iron Man and Cap take the spotlight, attacking Ultron from all sides and trying many different strategies (repulsor technology meets uru hammer and WWII tactics) but in the end it is the Wasp the one that, buzzing around Ultron, comes to think that his weak point is his head. She tells Hank, and one second later, Pym whispers something in to Hawkeye’s ear.

Before Ultron can realize it, Clint Barton is firing an arrow to the center of the robot’s head, with an ant-sized Hank on top of the arrow’s head. Father finishes son.

When the battle is over, the Vision looks sad and, as he is about to become intangible to elevate and disappear into the night, Thor and Hank ask him if he would like to join the Avengers.

Thor sees “true Asgardian valor in him”, and Hank believes that he “helped me take care of a dire mistake, a creation gone wrong”.

The Vision says yes, and as the team heads back to the Mansion, Hawkeye keeps whispering to T’Challa, the Black Panther, that the “new guy” gives him the creeps, with his cold voice and empty eyes. T’Challa never answers.

Once in the Mansion, the Vision excuses himself from the Avengers’ meeting room for a moment, and when he is alone, he lets a tear of happiness fall down his android face. Even an android can cry.

Next day, the Vision and Cap are in the computer room, and Cap puts a recording on, so the Vision can learn more about the history of the Avengers.

I’d like to see this one, the Vision says, pointing towards one recording that reads: The Origin of the Avengers.” Yes, I like that one too,” Cap says with a smile, “though I think that, for personal reasons, our thunder god loves it more than anyone.”

Cap presses the play button, and the movie starts with a narrator, recalling how it all came to be.

Again, we hear Rick Jones’s voice, and Rick starts talking about how one day, with his Teen Brigade pals, he put on a call to stop what he thought was the rampaging Hulk, and suddenly Ant-Man, the Wasp, Iron Man and Thor were there.

And this way, the origin of the Avenger gets told, with Rick Jones’ presence all over the movie, and the most iconic Avenger after the big three, the Vision, being the path to conduct the movie, one that tells his origin and the teams’, at the same time.

When the recording stops, the Vision sits still, thinking, his brain processing the changes in his life, and he goes out of the room.

He wanders throughout the mansion’s different rooms, and sees Hawkeye and the Panther training, Cap reading a Tolkien novel alone on the living room, the Wasp talking to Natasha on the phone, Jarvis making dinner ready, and Hank Pym and Tony Stark working in their labs. The android feels this is a strange grouping, full of very different people, and that makes him feel very comfortable, because he, as well, is different from the rest.

Suddenly, the mansion’s door opens with big noise, and Thor appears, his face obviously extremely worried. He grabs the android from one arm and says:
- Vision, my friend! Verily, ‘tis good to see you! Go call the rest of yon Avengers, because, by Odin’s beard, our power is needed!
- Thor, I do not understand...
- Neither do I, friend Vision, but the danger is too great to lose any time. Let the cry ring out: Avengers Assemble!

Roll credits.

I know that this movie, like I roughly presented it here, is impossible to see on screen. First, writers and producers will give fans an ultimate take on the Avengers, without many of the facts and traits that make them special. We will certainly get much SHIELD, Black Widow and that secret ops feeling which is so “cool” these days.

And it’s a pity, because they could always do a movie like the one in the article and making it happen on a modern setting, with modern comments, suits, etc.

But hey, a man can dream, and after all, isn’t that what this is all about?


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