Marvel Top 10 Craziest Moments Involving the Skrulls

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Marvel is three issues into the main Secret Invasion series and well-underway with the various tie-ins. The Skrulls have a long history of involvement with the Marvel Universe and have been trying to conquer the planet since their initial inception. There have been a lot of wild, crazy and bizarre moments involving the Skrulls over the years, and with that in mind, Comics Bulletin brings you the latest Marvel Top 10 list. The Skrulls are sometimes super-intelligent… and other times not so smart. They have tried various ways to infiltrate the Earth and destroy the Marvel heroes. Nonetheless, they remain a great danger to the Marvel Universe. This list consists of ideas, moments and story-lines, both serious and seemingly ridiculous, involving Marvel's "little green men."

10. The Skrulls replace Wolverine
During the "Fatal Attractions" storyline, Magneto did what he honestly should have done years before. During the battle, Magneto ripped the adamantium off of Wolverine's bones. It was gruesome, and deserving of a place on Comics Bulletin's Top 10 Marvel Slugfest list . This led to a storyline where Wolverine went out on his own and re-discovered himself sans adamantium. Eventually, Apocalypse kidnapped Wolverine and offered to give him back his adamantium if he agreed to become Death of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen. Apocalypse gave Wolverine the opportunity so long as he defeated Sabretooth in a contest to determine who would become Death. Wolverine obliged, fearing what might happen if Sabretooth became Death. Thus, Wolverine defeated Sabretooth and Apocalypse ripped the adamantium from Sabretooth's body and re-graphed it to Wolverine’s skeleton.

At the same time, Wolverine seemingly returned to the X-Men, except this Wolverine was actually a Skrull. Basically, this Skrull was sent to spy on--or destroy--the X-Men and kill Professor Xavier, an idea that fits perfectly into the ret-conned idea of the Illuminati. However, like the Skrulls' screw-up with the new Captain Marvel, this spy was unaware that he actually wasn't the real Wolverine. The real kicker was that the Skrulls did not genetically alter this spy, so he didn't have any of Wolverine's powers. Thus, when the real Wolverine attacked the X-Men as Death, his first victim was the Skrull. The X-Men didn't think much of the revelation and believed that the Earth was already being invaded. The real Wolverine eventually broke free of Apocalypse's control and resumed his role as an X-Man.

9. Cadre K
On the surface, the very conception of Cadre K suggests something powerful: along some evolutionary line, the Skrulls and humans are distant cousins. Keep in mind that in the Marvel Universe, mutants are essentially the next step in human evolution. Thus, it raises a few eyebrows when Skrulls started to develop the mutant gene and are endowed with mutant powers similar to those of the X-Men. However, rather than the deeper question of a human/Skrull relationship being explored, the Skrull Empire actually ended up acting just like the humans did when the mutant phenomena first occurred. The mutant Skrulls became outcasts shunned by the Empire and even killed in the name of racial purity. Perhaps Skrulls and humans do have much more in common. So instead of accepting the new mutant Skrulls and training them to be beneficial to the Empire, as well as saving the trouble of creating Super-Skrulls, the Skrull Empire idiotically and foolishly banished them. Looking for guidance, the mutant Skrulls became Cadre K and soon found leadership under Professor Xavier. Xavier trained Cadre K to master their abilities and use them for the good of the universe. Xavier's group of Skrulls would play an integral role in stopping Ronan the Accuser from turning Earth into a prison planet in the crossover Maximum Security.

The idea of Cadre K was unique and exploration into their origins does indeed raise questions about a possible genetic link between the Skrulls and humans. However, Cadre K has not been seen since the end of Maximum Security