Countdown Breakdown #14

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This time out I will be taking a look at the story of Holly and Harley. Let's see how it stacks up against some of the other stories!

Week 47: Holly's story starts in week 47. We meet her as she is noticing a newspaper headline showing her as a cop killer. Just as she is about to call for help, she decides that she will figure out a way to make it on her own.

Week 46: Holly savies an old man from a collapsing building.

Week 45: Holly tries to get the old man to leave her alone, when a mysterious stranger approaches her.

Week 43 Athena offers Holly a place to stay…a luxurious place at that. Holly meets another woman there…Harleen Quinzel.

Week 42: Holly is unconvinced of Harley's changed ways, or of Athena’s promises.

Week 41 Holly and Harley hear about the Amazonian war. Holly is worried, but Harley plays it off. When a mob approaches, Harley runs out to face them and Holly ends up having to save her.

Week 40: Holly watches Harley turn out a mother and her child because they don't fit Athena's rules for those allowed to stay. Holly decides to take it up with Athena in person.

Week 39: Holly and Harley walk towards Athena's room, with Harley mentioning Holly's past with Catwoman. Holly talks with Athena. Athena attempts to explain the limitations of her organization and suggests that Holly take one of her self-esteem classes.

Week 37: Harley is really excited about Holly getting into the self-esteem class.

Week 35: The other Amazons armor Holly up for a "purification ritual." It's basically all the new recruits beating the hell out of each other. It finally comes down to Holly and one other woman.

Week 34: The two women fight until Athena deems them both worthy of achieving full citizenship as Amazons on Paradise Island. The other woman is, of course, Harley.

Week 31: Holly has written a letter to Selena about everything she's been through before she goes to Paradise Island. Once she gives the letter to a fellow Amazon to mail and walks off, the woman tears it up.

Week 30: Holly and Harley see the island in the distance, only to be ordered into the water with ferocious sharks!

Week 29: Holly and Harley both make it to the island after having fought off mythic sea creatures.

Week 27: Holly relaxes in a common bedroom getting acquainted with her fellow new recruits. Just as they’re about to rest, the Amazon warriors sick dogs on them to test their endurance. Holly runs until she realizes that they’re trapped inside a barracks.

Week 21: Granny Goodness turns into Athena! The women are still running drills on Paradise Island, as are Holly and Harley until they decide to jump over the fence and explore a cave…a cave with someone inside!

Week 19: An Amazon warrior tells Athena about H&H’s escape, only to have Athena say that she already knows. She then turns into Granny Goodness and her entourage turns into the female furies. H&H find weapons inside the cave. They also find…Hippolyta! They discuss what is really going on on the island. They all agree that H&H should return to Granny/Athena and tell her that they were gone in order to test their mettle. The lie works on Granny/Athena.

Week 17: Two Amazons and a dog find Mary Marvel washed up on shore.

Week 15: Hippolyta talks to Mary Marvel, along with H&H. They attempt to talk Mary into joining their cause.

That’s it for now! Hopefully this story will take a turn for the better, since it’s been pretty slow so far!

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