Countdown Breakdown #15

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If you happen to be on a fitness regime, and the holidays coming rolling around, don’t take the holidays off. Your immune system will get down and you’ll get sick. That’s the lesson for today, kiddies. Now, let’s take a look at Mary Marvel’s journey through Countdown!

Week 51: This week sees Mary finally recovering from her injuries after falling presumably to her death at the end of Day of Vengeance. She receives a note from Freddy Freeman telling her not to look for him. So she’s all alone and her powers are gone.

Week 50: This issue has Mary trying to restore her powers by going to see Madame Xanadu. Madame Xanadu tells her that she will gain great power, but that it will be equal parts light and dark, and that she must avoid Gotham City because it is unsafe for magic! She also tells her to look for a guide.

Week 49: Of course, Mary heads right to Gotham, where she ends up running from thugs. Her running takes her to a seemingly abandoned building. Only it’s not quite abandoned. Black Adam resides here, and he’s looking for another kill!

Week 48: Mary attempts to talk some sense into Adam before he kills her, telling him that she’s here to get help. Adam tells Mary that by asking for power, she asks for death!

Week 47: Black Adam gives Mary all of his powers, and tells her to tell Billy he’s “sorry”.

Week 46: Mary takes in the feelings of having all the powers of Black Adam and Isis. She finds some pregnant women on a roof performing an evil incantation around a piece of the Rock of Eternity. They summon the demon Pharyngula, the harvester of stillborn souls. His body is made up of dead babies. As they’re fighting, a lightning bolt strikes them both, taking out the demon and…

Week 44: sending Mary to the Rock of Eternity to visit with Billy Batson. The visit doesn’t go well. Billy gets upset that Mary is acting more violent, that she took Adam’s powers, and he tells her that perhaps she’s not meant to have power. She gets angry and leaves.

Week 42: This issue sees Mary back in Gotham just in time to arrive at a crime scene where she runs into the Riddler. Just before she throttles him, he convinces her that he’s gone straight and is merely at the scene as an investigator. They eventually run into Clayface, who Mary launches into space. The Riddler suggests that Mary seek out a mentor.

Week 41: In this issue, Mary sits on top of a building pondering her situation, as someone watches on through a black diamond.

Week 40: This week has Mary going to Zatanna for guidance.

Week 38: While talking with Zatanna on a cruise ship, Slig of the Deep Six comes on board running from whatever is killing all the New Gods. He starts converting humans to beasts to mask his escape, which puts him at odds with Mary. Mary ends up returning everyone to normal, and the Deep Six are killed by the unknown source.

Week 37: Zatanna takes Mary to her family home and shows her around.

Week 36: Eclipso changes Mary’s attitude so that she ends up fighting Zatanna.

Week 35: Mary is banished from Zatanna’s home.

Week 34: Mary finds herself in China where she runs into Klarion the witchboy! Klarion tells Mary that bargaining for magic comes at a price, and locks her in a bubble!

Week 33: There’s a loud explosion and Klarion claims that he has just saved Mary’s life. He tells her that in exchange he wants a bit of her power.

Week 32: Klarion tries to absorb her power, but Mary blasts him. She hears a voice calling to her, so she follows it. The voice leads her to Turkey and…Eclipso!

Week 31: Eclipso talks to Mary, and Mary ends up turning some local guards to stone.

Week 29: Eclipso continues to warp Mary. This time Mary turns a drought into a flood, and turns cattle into fish.

Week 28: Mary continues to pervert her powers, as the Shadowpact looks on, ready to take her down!

Week 27: The Shadowpact unsuccessfully tries to stop Mary and Eclipso.

Week 25: Eclipso brings Mary Marvel to Darkseid to obey him.

Week 24: Mary and Darkseid fight until Mary escapes.

Week 23: Eclipso tries to calm Mary, telling her that she only took her to Darkseid so that she could eventually become his successor. As they’re talking, the asteroid they’re sitting on is destroyed by a nearby ship’s target practice!

Week 22: Mary and Eclipso continue to argue, until Mary gets Eclipso’s diamond and knocks her out with it!

Week 20: Eclipso gets her diamond back and blasts Mary with it then leaves, leaving Mary alone once more.

Week 18: Eclipso comes back to get Mary’s power, but Mary takes the fight to her!

Week 17: Mary and Eclipso continue to fight, getting closer and closer to Earth. Finally, Mary grabs Eclipso and utters the magic word Shazam, causing a lightning bolt to strike them both, leaving both powerless, falling towards an ocean! Mary washes ashore, to find herself confronted by Amazons.

Week 15: Mary discovers that the Amazons are Hippolyta, Holly, and Harley. They ask Mary to join their cause.

Well, Mary’s certainly made the rounds. It looks like what first appeared to be a condescending remark by Billy has turned out to possibly be foreshadowing of Mary’s true purpose. Will she become an Amazon? Only time will tell! Take care, and see you soon!

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