IDW vs. Goliath: Episode 1

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This week’s installment: “From Browsers to the Bookshelves”

Great to see so many of you at the Big Apple Convention yesterday—almost had that the old Phil Seuling con-feel, or as I said to Neal Adams, “It’s San Diego in a broom closet.” Genuine kudos for a fun weekend to promoter Mike Carbonaro, who looks more like Jim Steranko each time I see him (or perhaps it’s the other way around). Lots of great new projects were on display at the con but let’s look at the latest from IDW.

Lifelike is jumping from the browser to the bookshelf next month. Told in vignettes of unrelated snapshots of ordinary life, this popular web series delved into varied subject manner and styles, from love stories to war memoirs. Written by Dara Naraghi, who also adapted multiple issues of Cory Doctorow’s Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now for IDW, the new deluxe hardcover edition presents the collected work as the culmination of the author’s true narrative vision. “One of my goals with Lifelike was to change perceptions of the slice-of-life genre,” says Naraghi. “I wanted to avoid the clichés and preconceptions associated with stories about ‘ordinary life.’ No self-indulgent autobiographic tales, no ‘whiny artists suffering for their craft’ stories.” Plenty of whiny artists at Big Apple would take umbrage with that, Dara, but you won’t find them in this new book. It’s a good-looking, full-color 108 pages from a cornucopia of international artists, among them, Marvin Mann, winner of the 2006 Howard E. Day Prize for outstanding achievement in self-publishing, and a three-time Harvey Award nominee; Tom Williams, 2002 Howard E. Day Prize winner; and Adrian Barbu, 2003 L. Ron Hubbard “Illustrators of the Future” Achievement Award winner.

Also from IDW, Badger Saves the World. Badger continues the saga of Norbert Sykes, the Viet Nam vet and abused child with a split personality disorder. I’m pretty sure I ran into at least half-a-dozen guys just like that at Big Apple yesterday, too. Created by Mike Baron, who also brought us Nexus, Badger originally appeared in a series from Capital Comics then did a stint at Dark Horse. Mike has been nominated for Best Writer in the Kirby, Harvey and Eisner Awards numerous times, and has won several Eisners.

And just when you thought it was safe to go back to prison and be someone’s bitch, there’s SNAKED #1, IDW’s newest horror sensation from yours truly. It’s not for the timid nor faint of heart, chums. Or as Ben Templesmith writes to me. “I wish I had the balls to do a prison sex scene like that.” See you at your place.

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