Countdown Breakdown: #28

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Forager. I was first introduced to Forager in the Cosmic Odyssey storyline, of which I have discussed in a previous "Breakdown" column. Forager was teamed with Batman on Earth, so his standard red and white costume had to go. It was replaced, naturally, with red and black, most likely making Batman feel much more comfortable around him. The issue also introduced me to the prejudice found on New Genesis, when Orion would refer to Forager using an apparently derogatory term of “bug.” It is, in fact, in this story that Forager dies, helping save the Earth and earning Orion’s respect.

Forager’s people are humanoid bugs that live underground on New Genesis. They’re ruled by Queen-Widow and Prime-One. Forager himself was actually a mystery, since it’s not known if he was actually a bug himself or a god who chose to live among them. A new female Forager apparently first appeared in one of the later New Gods series, and is now showing up in Countdown.

I hate to be this short, but we’ve already seen everyone else in this issue. As mentioned before, I’m hoping that Buddy’s grandson gets more focus so that I can talk about Kommandi! Also, please bring Mxyzptlk back so I can get into his history! That’s all for now! Take care!

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