Countdown Breakdown #32

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Alright gang, this week Iím writing a review instead of the usual "Breakdown" for a couple of reasons. First, the only possibly new item I could cover for the Breakdown is the history of the Blackhawks, and thatís stretching. Iím interested in covering them, but Iíll leave that for when I have a few more subjects to pair them up with. Second, I read Jimís review, and as much as I enjoy his reviews, I really felt the drive to give the democratic response this week, so to speak. So here we go!

Writers: Paul Dini, Tony Bedard
Artists: Keith Giffen (breakdowns), Al Barrionuevo (p), Art Thibert (i)

Publisher: DC Comics

Alright, letís get right into it. As much as I enjoyed the bulk of this issue, Klarion was my biggest problem. I LOVED Morrisonís re-imagining of this character, but apart from the art, this was NOT Morrisonís Klarion. In Klarionís miniseries, he was a wide-eyed mischievous witch boy, but he was basically good and didnít go around trying to drain people of their life force! That annoyed me. However, on to better things.

The Rogues cracked me up in this issue. I was impressed with the use of a telephone to lull the mummy. I thought Piper relied on the flute more than that. Of course, they WOULD have to have the luck that would lead them from the frying pan into the fire. What are the odds that theyíd walk into the bachelorette party?

It was cool to see Dubbilex and good to hear Jimmy explain how heís felt all these years walking beside the heroes always wanting to be one of them, but also having to listen to the fact that heroesí lives arenít always that easy or great.

The bachelorette party was really cute. Everyone played to type. Itís quite appropriate for Ollie and Dinah to have parties before their wedding, given their amorous pasts. I really like the buildup with the various specials. I loved when Barbara told Dinah about the various websites about her. I particularly enjoyed Wonder Girl and Supergirl trying to scam a drink. Wonder Girlís hands pawing for the drink were hilarious. What are they even doing being invited to a bachelorette party at a strip club? That seemed odd.

Great tease for the Challengers storyline when they ran into Red Son Superman and then the Earth 3 Crime Syndicate. Once again, though, I must say that Iím disappointed that every single plot payoff is occurring in a title other than Countdown proper.

We end with Mary Marvel FINALLY running into Eclipso. Letís hope this actually starts going somewhere now.

Good issue, but Dini needs to start stepping up the pace from here on out. This needs to be the last calm before the storm! Letís go!

Next week weíll most likely get back to the usual Breakdown, but it will ultimately depend on what characters DC decides to throw in, as well as how I feel about the issue! Take care!

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