Countdown Breakdown #33

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Cadmus. The year was 1970, and Jack Kirby was working on, appropriately, Supermanís Pal Jimmy Olsen. In it, he created the DNA Project run by the adult members of the former Newsboy Legion, complete with a clone of the Guardian named the Golden Guardian, and Dubbilex, a telepath DNAlien.

The Project fired Dabney Donovan since he went too far with his experiments. Among his various clones, he had created horror film monsters that lived on an artificial planet called Transilvane. He also created the Hairies, hippies with great knowledge and technology who lived in the Mountain of Judgement after living in a tree house called The Habitat. Intergang, on behalf of Darkseid, created the Evil Factory in response to The Project, and it was led by Simyan and Mokkari, former experiments of Dabney Donovan.

After the Crisis, The Project became known as Cadmus after the Greek myth of Cadmus who had made warriors from the teeth of a dragon (see Jason and the Argonauts for a similar visual). Also possibly named from an older Kirby story, "The Cadmus Seed" in Alarming Tales. Cadmus was responsible for the Kon-El Superboy, cloned from Clark and Lex Luthor. Once again, it was run by the adult Newsboy Legion members, who had now cloned a new young Newsboy Legion as well.

After a clone disease wiped out many of the Cadmus clones, the adult Newsboy Legion retired, and Mickey Cannon, a suicide slum fix-it man, took over. Once Lex Luthor became president, Cadmus grew uneasy with government pressures, and it disappeared. It was later replaced by the OMAC Project, which played itself out in Infinite Crisis. After the fall of the OMAC Project, the Project once again became known as Cadmus.

Whatís interesting to note is that, post-Crisis, Jimmy Olsen has generally had little to nothing to do with Cadmus, so this really is a return of sorts to pre-Crisis relations, and can only mean more interesting things to come for Jimmy.

As an aside, I didnít care much for this issue. The art was below par, and the stories either had meandering plots or odd characterizations. I hope next weekís is an improvement. Take care, and Iíll see you again next week!

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