Countdown Breakdown #37

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Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel. A Legionnaire and native of the planet Cargg, she was the first new recruit to the Legion. Computo, a creation of Brainiac 5 that turned evil, killed one of her bodies, and she then became known as Duo Damsel (thatís how I always think of her). She started wearing a cool half orange/half purple costume that would become a solid of each color when she split. She eventually married fellow Legionnaire Bouncing Boy, which caused both of them to become Legion reservists (since at the time the Legion of Super-Heroes' Constitution forbade membership to anyone who was married).

After the Zero Hour reboot, her history was altered and given much more drama. She lost her parents at a young age because of her multiple selves having individual personalities, a trait looked down upon on her home world. After escaping an insane asylum and being rescued by R.J. Brande, Luornu joined the newly formed Legion as Triad.

In 2005, her history was rebooted once again. In this new history, Triplicate Girl was the sole inhabitant of her planet, Cargg. She had no memory after waking up on the planet, and she duplicated herself until the entire planet was populated with her. Eventually, three duplicates were sent off planet as emissaries. When they returned with new experiences, the other duplicates felt that they were too different and shunned them. The three merged into one and joined the Legion as Triplicate Girl. Of course, recently, the original Triplicate Girl has been seen in Countdown, and as with the rest of the Legion(s), it remains to be seen what is really going on.

Zatanna. Zatanna Zatara has one heck of a family lineage. Her father was magician John Zatara and her mother was Sindella of the Homo Magi race. Her direct ancestor was Leonardo da Vinci, who was apparently a magician in the DCU. Sheís also related to Cagliostro, Nostradamus, Nicolas Flamel (should sound familiar to Harry Potter fans), and Arion of Atlantis. She has a younger cousin, Zachary Zatara, who appeared in 52.

Zatanna originally performed magic just like her father, but eventually decided to learn her motherís magics as well, making her extremely powerful. While a member of the JLA, Zatanna wiped the memories of villains when needed. She went further with Dr. Light after he raped Sue Dibny by transforming his personality. Batman appeared during the procedure, and Zatanna froze him and wiped his memory of the incident. A feeling of unease eventually led her to quit the League. She would later go on to join the Sentinels of Magic. Recently, Batman and Zatanna have reformed their friendship.

Poison Ivy. Pamela Isleyís pre-Crisis origin is pretty tame compared to her post-Crisis one. Pre-Crisis, Pamela was a botanist, seduced into helping a thief steal ancient Egyptian herbs. The thief tried to poison her with the herbs, but she instead acquired an immunity to all toxins and diseases. Post-Crisis, Pamela studied botanical biochemistry with Alec Holland (Swamp Thing), under the tutelage of Jason Woodrue (The Floronic Man). Woodrue experimented on Isley, injecting her with toxins and driving her insane.

Batman stopped Poison Ivy in the first year that he appeared in Gotham, causing her to have an obsession with him since he was the only person she could not control. Ivyís goals would change over time. At times she simply wanted to gain enough funding to find somewhere that she could be alone with her plants. At other times, she wanted to punish those in power who polluted the environment.

After Gothamís earthquake, Ivy took in sixteen orphans and cared for them. Batman allowed her to do this because it was the best thing for the children at the time. Ivy also found a nearly dead Harley Quinn and nursed her back to health, forming a friendship between the two. Later, Ivy tried to have Batman return her to a more human form to save the orphans from her poisons, but was later turned back by Hush. One year later, Ivy began feeding people to a giant plant. Their souls merged with the plant creating a monster called Harvest that wanted to kill Ivy in revenge. Batman saved Ivy, but Harvestís location is unknown.

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