Jack Lawrence: Lions, Tigers and Bears and something called Darkham Vale!

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Jack Lawrence is the former writer/artist of Darkham Vale as well as the upcoming Image comic, Lions, Tigers and Bears (written by www.BrokenFrontier.coms Mike Bullock). Ive been following his work since Darkham #3 despite the terribly un-kosher sounding name! (Wink, wink) His adventure serial is truly an epic vision, and I was glad to discover it!

However, after finding out that he had quit off Darkham Vale over a major copyright dispute, I was a bit down until the recent announcement that he had a new project, Lions, Tigers and Bears! With that news it seemed like a wonderful time to contact Jack to see what is going on in his corner of the world.

Egg: Before we get too far into this, give us an idea of what you do for a living.

Jack: Im a freelance artist working out of the UK. Meaning I take on pretty much anything right now!

Egg: You started in animation, correct? What kind of animated projects?

Jack: I was a character animator for one of the UKs top New Media companies, Lightmaker.com. I created about 1000 characters in my three and a bit years there, from quick gag animations to fully developed interactive avatars and a few 3-minute shorts. I also got involved with a few TV projects while I was there.

Egg: How did you transition into comic books? And how do comics s