The Looney Bin: “Interview Month (Pt. 2 of 4)”

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[Ed's Note: This is a work of fiction. No creators participated in this interview.]

Here we are “Inside The Comic Studio” for another great interview. Last week, I interviewed Geoff Johns and found out, to my horror, that he wants to be a singer. He even sang for me. I made a follow up call to find out how his performance at the Hackerdale Family Reunion went. He had this to say:

JOHNS: It went great, turns out Papa Hackerdale is a music producer and we’re going to start working on a demo later this week. Rock on!

So, Johns, from everyone here at SBC we wish you the best and expect a free copy of your CD. Now, onto this week’s interview. Artist Adriana Melo joined me in the Looney Bin to discuss Rose and Thorn from DC and what it takes to be a woman in comics.

TLB: Good evening, Adriana, and thank you for coming. I hate to admit this, but until Rose and Thorn I didn’t know who you were. So, like a good journalist, I did some research. It turns out, you’ve been in comics for awhile working on everything from Silver Surfer to Star Wars. My first question, why haven’t I heard of you?

MELO: Because you are not paying attention. You should pay closer attention, Zack. And you call yourself a comic columnist.

TLB: I’m sorry. So, are you enjoying your new found fame?

MELO: As a matter of fact, I am. I’ve been in talks with DC to work on an on-going series, of course I can’t say which one.

TLB: That’s great, you’ll have to come back and talk to us about that when you can. You and Mike Deodato Jr. are probably two of the best artists around, so is there something in Brazil that makes you guys so good?

MELO: Well, thank you. Yes, there is something in Brazil that makes our art so good, it’s all the hot people. We are all so gorgeous that our art is equally as gorgeous. You understand?

TLB: Strangely enough, I do. So, if I grew up around hot people, I would be a good artist?

MELO: Yes, but sadly, you did not.

TLB: Damn you Ft. Myers!

MELO: I do not understand.

TLB: Never mind. Speaking of hotness, I’ve talked to some female comic readers and they’re of the opinion that you cater too much to “The Man.” How do you respond to that?

MELO: Again, I’m afraid I don’t understand. Who is “The Man?”

TLB: Okay, what they mean by that is you draw your women rather, how do I say this, incredibly busty.

MELO: Oh. It sells. People buy comics in the same way they buy anything else, with their crouch. Characters in comics should be beautiful, it’s fantasy.

TLB: Yes, I understand that, but at the same time many people feel that you represent women as nothing but sex objects.

MELO: Well, I don’t. I am a woman, so I am in a better position to judge whether or not I am drawing with any misogyny.

TLB: So, you don’t feel like you’re setting a bad example for other girls who want to be comic book artists?

MELO: No, everyone has their own art style, and there is a place in comics for every style. Are you going to try and tell me you don’t enjoy looking at my busty women?

TLB: I’m the one doing the interview here, don’t try to turn this around.

MELO: You do and you know it. Plus, you have that poster of Black Cat behind you. Not to mention the one of…

TLB: Okay, so I am a fan of your busty women, but I’m not an impressionable young girl either.

MELO: No, but I feel as though I am telling girls we can make money by exploiting pigs like yourself. Besides, there is nothing wrong with sexuality. Silly American.

TLB: I guess you’re right. It’s just strange that Rose and Thorn is being done by two women, and it’s just another example of the Gen 13, Danger Girl effect on comics.

MELO: Again, this coming from the man with the Freefall computer desktop.

TLB: Wow, you and Gail Simone have really found a way to cash in on men. You with your busty women and Gail with Birds of Prey, you’re like the strippers of comics.

MELO: I guess you could say that.

TLB: So, if you could work on any comic at all, which would it be?

MELO: X-Men, but I’d also really like to work on Tomb Raider.

TLB: I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming. Well, Adriana, thank you for your time. Is there anything you’d like to say to finish out this interview?

MELO: Just, buy my stuff and if you don’t think comic books should have beautiful men and women, read something else.

TLB: Well said.

As stated, Adriana Melo is currently working on Rose and Thorn, which is written by Gail Simone and published by DC Comics. That wraps up week two of The Looney Bin’s Interview Month. See you all in seven days.

The Looney Bin is a fictional column, and is intended for entertainment purposes only. Like you couldn’t tell by its name.

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