The Good, The Bad, & This Kid: ďSpiral OutĒ

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Today marks the end of two things: Hanukkah and The Good, The Bad, & This Kid. Itís been a great ride, but all things eventually end. Such is my case. Iím going to get very clichť here, and write a farewell column. When I first made the decision to pull the plug of GBK I wasnít going to write a farewell, I was going to write one more topic and just say goodbye. Iíve thought about it, and I canít do that. I feel like I should say something, like those who left SBC before me.

Like I said, itís been a wonderful seven months. When I started working for SBC I was doing reviews. I enjoyed it, but it wasnít what I wanted. When I e-mailed Craig about becoming a reviewer, I knew I really wanted to be a columnist. After a month or so of reviewing, I e-mailed Craig and asked him what I had to do to get my own column. Obviously, I never did. I know GBK is a column, it has a regular slot, and I have a deadline, but I never really think of it as a column. If youíre wondering why, itís because I never made it out of the Soapbox. I almost did a couple times, but things never worked out. Itís my fault mainly. I never came into this with a clear plan. From day one it was just whatever was on my mind that week. Iíve had several weeks where I didnít even talk about comics, and it was those weeks that pretty much sealed my fate. That and probably poor readership, but thatís just my guess.

Anyway, Iím writing this on Christmas Eve (actually it just turned Christmas) so Iíve got the Holiday Spirit. Which means, Iím in no mood to bitch; instead to look back with pride and thanks. Iím proud of myself for meeting all my deadlines, and producing a column that Iím; well, proud of. I understand that not everyone likes my column, and I donít care. I write what I feel, and I write what I enjoy to read. Thatís what any writer aims for. Why write something you wouldnít read yourself? I know there were people out there who did enjoy reading my column every week, and Iím thankful for all of them. SBC is blessed to be visited by some of the finest readers in the comic industry. The fans who come to this site are intelligent fans of comics, and set high standards for the material they read. Iím honored that these people took the time to read my stuff, whether they enjoyed it or not. SBC also has some of the best writers on and off the net penning columns. Itís been surreal seeing my column on the same page as columns by Marv Wolfman, Alan Donald, and Buddy Scalera just to name a few. SBC will always hold a special place in my heart, theyíre the first people who gave me a chance with my writing.

Now, comes the Thank You section. Time to acknowledge all the people who made this column possible. First and foremost I want to thank Craig Lemon and Jason Brice for allowing my farce of a column to appear on such a respected web site. You two were smart enough to leave me in the Soapbox, I canít say I blame you. Iíd also like to thank Mary Z. for not only drawing the portrait of me that appears on the main page, but for being so freaking supportive of me. All the people on my ďmailing listĒ deserve many a thanks. Every Saturday youíd all get an e-mail from me, and you still opened it. You knew it was a link to my column, but you still read it. I canít thank you all enough for the continuous support. Also, Cliff Meth, thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. Not only are you a great writer, but youíre a great person. Anyone who ever posted on the Soapbox message board, thank you for feedback. Nothing is greater than talking about something you wrote with people. Plus, the people who go to the SBC message boards kick serious ass. Namely, Ratt and Brian McCoy. I feel like Iím forgetting some people, but I donít really think I am. To anyone out there who read my column or any of my reviews, I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

So, whatís next for moi? Iíve got no idea. Iím going to concentrate on my fiction writing, and my schooling. I want to finish all the projects Mary and I have started, along with getting my degree. These two things donít leave much time for GBK. If youíd like to check up on my status, you can always visit my blog. It can be found by clicking THIS AMAZING LINK. Iíll probably write some reviews here and there for SBC (if they let me), and GBK might be back for special editions or something stupid like that.

The Good

Obviously, this will be the last The Good. Iím still debating whether or not I should do a review or two a week, which would be The Good and The Bad. Either way, here we go. For the final installment of The Good, itís a book about comics. How To Read Superhero Comics and Why by Geoff Klock. Itís an educated look at some of the most influential and ground-breaking Superhero comics. Klock has a Masters in English from New York University, which proves my point about it being an educated book. Anyway, the book covers all the major Superhero works: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, Marvels, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen just to name a few. This is a must read book for any Superhero comic book fan. You can buy it from Amazon.com, so itís not hard to find. Itís only $20, so order it with something else and get the free shipping. Thatís all for The Good. Behave.

Well, have fun everybody. Itís been great. Hope to see you all again someday soon. ĎTilÖwhoops. Bye.

-Josh Stone
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