The Good, The Bad, and This Kid - “Gammon”

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Hello and welcome to a special edition of GBK. I’ve joined the ranks of news reporter here at SBC and it’s my solemn duty to bring you the freshest news possible. I know there are plenty of other “rumor” columns all over the net, but none can bring you the news like I do. Like any good reporter, my sources are credible, even those who don’t wish to be revealed. So, without any further ado, I bring you GBK News Bites:

As reported in this week's LITG over at CBR, Bill Willingham will be attending a "Bat Summit." He jokes that all the bat writers will discuss a Spongebob cross, but someone e-mailed me some real details. It turns out that there is a big cross-over event in the works, much like No Mans Land and Fugitive. The only thing he can tell me for sure is that Spongebob is a hint for the actual story. Sadly I’m not clever enough to pick up the hint, maybe you’ll have better luck.

This one comes straight from a friend of mine who works for Marvel. He is one of those folks who doesn’t want his name in print, so we’ll call him Rial Thomson. Rial tells me that with the recent popularity of Major League Baseball that Marvel cut a deal with the MLB. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of deal a comic company and a sports league would make, but I soon found out. Starting next baseball season many Marvel characters will sport something with a MLB team’s logo on it. Just imagine Spidey swinging through New York with a Yankees’ cap on. I wonder if the new Alpha Flight will have some Blue Jays and Expos merchandise?

Limp Bizkit is in the process of recording three new tracks that will be released on the Punisher soundtrack. No other bands have been reported as of yet. This sucks, I was so looking forward to the Punisher movie and Marvel has done a good job with their movie’s soundtracks. Oh well, not everything can be a homerun. HAHA, get it, homerun…baseball…Marvel…funny?

Someone high up at Cartoon Network told message boarders on an Animation Insider forum about some changes that will be made. He said that on Tuesday nights adult swim will be replaced by 80s revenge. I e-mailed him asking him for more details, but I didn’t get much. He told me that he could only name a couple shows that may or may not appear. ThunderCats and G.I. Joe were the shows he gave me. After I switched to drier pants I sent him another e-mail, this time I asked him when this new lineup would be taking effect. Sometime soon. I don’t think he’s accepting anymore e-mails from me. Oh well, I got all I needed for this story.

Speaking of cartoons, it’s been posted on a Batman The Animated Series fan site that the new Batman movie Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman has a cool little Easter egg in it. The egg is a list of WB cartoons coming to DVD. Nothing big, right? Wrong. On the list it gives the tentative release date of the BTAS boxed set collection. According to that DVD we can expect to see a Batman collection the middle of next year. I’ve been wondering how long it was going to take for them to do this. For those wondering, I did check the DVD, it’s in the language area.

What more do I have for you fine readers this week? I’m glad you ask, it turns out I’ve got some creator news as well. I’m not as established as other news reporters, but I did manage to come across some good little tidbits. First up, we’ve got some Chuck Austen news. Everyone’s favorite X scribe is going to be adding yet another X title to his list. According to that friend of mine from Marvel, Austen has been named the new writer of Exiles. So what, we all knew it. What we didn’t know is that he’ll be the new Exiles writer for at least the next year.

Speaking of X titles, a question we all would like to know is who the new writer for New X-Men will be. Well, I tried to get my friend to cough up some information about this, but his lips were sealed. Well, almost sealed that is. He was giving me hints that I could use for this special column. Apparently the writer is someone who has worked on an X book before, but not necessarily one directly related to X-Men. This person’s X title will or has recently been canceled. The last hint he could give me without slapping me in the face with it was, that the writer is one of the few people who has currently started working for DC, but has not been signed up to an exclusive contract.

Well, I’ve got one last rumor/news blip for everyone. I was watching Tech TV the other night and they ran a quick ad for what I thought was a new show they were going to be airing. Turns out the ad was for a new channel by the same people who run Tech TV. So, what is this channel I speak of? From what I could tell it looks like a channel dedicated to comic books and other geek things. I hardly believe it myself, but I saw the ad. I’ve checked and rechecked their web site, but I couldn’t find anything that mentioned this channel, nor have I seen said ad again. The ad didn’t mention a date it was going to start, all it said was “Coming…” with a few shots of comics and video games. I almost didn’t bother posting this because I don’t have much information on it, but I went to the message boards on the Tech TV site and sure enough people were talking about the ad. They all gathered the same information that I did about this new channel. Here’s where it gets creepy. I tried to go back to that thread to provide you all with a link, but it’s gone. I’m talking about a day later, and it was just gone. I tried to ask some people on the boards about it, but no one even responded and now my thread is gone as well. It’s freaky, I know. Let’s hope they don’t take down my column.

That’ll wrap up this special news report addition of GBK. There will be no “The Good” this week, because I haven’t read anything new and exciting lately. I hope everyone found this report to be informative, and I’ll see you all again in seven days for a normal installment of GBK. ‘Til next time…

-Josh Stone

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