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StormWatch: Team Achilles #12:  A freak SPB on the cover is worth two in the bush - What Looks Good, Week #5Sometimes I start this column while working at my day job, trying hard to make sure that is gets done on time. However, such can cause problems when you leave the column at work and you ask one of your friends/co-workers to please send you what you have written so far. This is what happens when you let one of your friends see the column that you are working on before you are actually done with it and he decides to help by writing the introduction for you:

Hello geek-head dumb-dumb butts, me am Miguel Diaz AND me gusta the stuff listed:

Nice, isn't it?

I'd get mad at Adam but I'll be damned if I didn't laugh out loud when I saw the "edit" he made to my column for me.

*smiles and shakes head*

Anyway, welcome to the fifth installment of WLG, the column that informs you of my planned weekly purchases of comic book joy, what I have decided to spend my hard-earned money on. No freebies or hand-outs here, just the comics that I want to buy when they come out on Wednesday.

I know that I have said that I am trying to be less wordy, and I am trying, but much like being hooked on smack I keep getting back on the horse. Sometimes I just have things to say and being that this is my column I'm thinking it's OK if I go ahead and say them.

Wow...can you believe it's been five weeks already?

Bah! No more talk stupid stuff! Talk comics now!



I am a big proponent of this smaller, cheaper TPB size, but why is this volume 2? Where is volume 1? I know they've released 3-4 Scion trades already, but I didn't think that the first one had come out in the new "traveler" version yet.

Did I miss something?

Anyway, I really want to pick this up as Scion was really beginning to pick up speed with the issues contained in this collection. It was right around that time that I realized that it had slowly become one of my favorite books. Don't you love it when a comic does that to you.

My only complaint is that I would love to have the first volume in this new format, well, first. Maybe I am just out of it or something and totally missed the volume "traveler" but I don't think I did.

Can anyone confirm differently?

SIGIL #37 $2.95

I am being patient with this title. I mentioned last month that I am hoping against hope that Dixon and crew can make me love this title like I love Sojourn and Scion. I know that Dixon can do space adventures, his run on Alien Legion is one of the most under-appreciated comic stints out there.


Maybe I should just read my Alien Legion trade again.

Ahh...Jugger, tell me everything will be all right, ya dirty bospor.

Sadly, I think this book may be getting the axe from me soon. I just can't get hyped about it.



I just threw this up here as it looks interesting, but I admit that I know absolutely nothing about it.

Alan Moore working with DC's stable of heroes? Can I justify the $20?

The name of the column is What Looks Good, and this does LOOK good. The question is, can I afford it, especially with that new Scion Traveler catching my eye?

I guess I will have to wait until Wednesday to how temptation effects me.

FILTH #11 (Of 13) (MR) $2.95

This is title is the weirdest thing. I am talking about my collection of the series, though the sentiment applies to the series as well. I have every issue thus far and have only read the first 4-5. I bought the first issue and thought "Well, this is weird, I wonder what the heck is going on." Then I bought the second issue and misplaced it. I kept buying issue after issue, but not actually reading them because of that missing issue. Then one day while organizing my comics I came across it. I sat down and read 1-5 over and really enjoyed them. I still had no idea what was going on, but I still liked the book. Then I misplaced issue #6 and only found it again recently and have not actually read an issue since #5.

So I am buying this issue as well with no idea what it is about. I guess I should sit down and catch up where I left off.

GREEN ARROW #27 $2.50

Winick is driving now and I am not put off. As I noted before, I bought this series for Kevin Smith initially, but the characters were done so well that I was compelled to stay. I was hesitant about Winick's run, but his first issue was good enough to give me the impression that he is going to be focusing on the characters.

If that is the course that he's plotted I think I may just tag along for a while and see where he takes us.


Thank you for replacing Mr. Portacio. I'm sorry, he just did not fit this book. From what I have seen floating about online this new guy C.P. Smith is a much better fit (he did last issue as well). That is, until Bill Sienkiewicz inked his pencils.

Again, I am not trying to slam anyone, I love Bill Sienkiewicz's work in his own right. Why else would I have gone back and bought the ENTIRE run of Moon Knight (original series; and for the record, yes, I am a Moon Knight fan, so let the teasing begin)? I really liked his work on the Ultimate Team-Up issues (Ultimate Daredevil and Punisher) as well as the inking work he did for some New X-Men fill-ins last year. However, his style just doesn't work well with C.P. Smith's, IMHO. It's like getting H.R. Giger to work along with Keith Haring.

Sorry for the Dennis Miller-esque name dropping there. I hope I didn't lose anyone.

According to the WildStorm message boards Bill will not be inking any more issues. After seeing C.P. Smith's "naked" pencils and then seeing the issue when it came out I have to think that such is a good thing.

I also wanted to mention that it is good to see Flint back in action from the old Ellis run on SW. I loved Flint as a character, so I hope Mr. Wight decides to keep her around. The facial scars were a nice way to appeal to fans of the last series, but their inclusion didn't hinder new readers. All they needed to know was that she was scarred in some previous encounter with "xenomorphs." For longtime fans it was a nod to the inter-company crossover with Dark Horse's Alien license. Nice! Thank you for that small yet geek-pleasing gesture, Mr. Wight.

StormWatch is good but I have a feeling that with this issue things are starting to get better, both story-wise as well as with the creative team.

SUPERMAN RED SON #2 (Of 3) $5.95

Ol'Supes as a commie-pinko-bastard that somehow retains his boy scout tendencies?


Then he decides that the best way for him to protect Mother Russia is for him to lead the country? How do you tell the Man of Steel "No"?

Even if you can tell him "no" why should he listen?

Yeah, this should be a good one.



Jim Mahfood is wonderfully insane. I don't know this for a fact or anything, I don't even know the guy. Well, I suppose if I was a crazed fanboy stalker I could say I know the guy as I went by his booth at Wizard World Chicago last year and looked through his stuff, but, well, I'm not a fanboy stalker. Not that I couldn't be, I just lack the motivation. Mahfood, procrastination hath saved you.

See, his insanity is spreading!

My first taste of Jim's work was the Ultimate Team-Up with the Fantastic Four. I loved that issue. One more time: I LOVED that issue. I read it through and then read it again just to see all of the hidden bits o'funny in the backgrounds. I then read his piece in one of the many 911 tribute books (not sure which one) and was impressed, this time by the poignancy of his short, though powerful, piece. When I saw him at Wizard World I poked through his Grrl Scouts trade, considered buying it, and then for some reason put it back down. Perhaps this was because I had spent 1/2 of my money within the first hour of getting to the convention when my friend Mike from Dark Horse took me to the 1/2 off trade man. I have since been to the Oni website and downloaded the free first issue of Grrl Scouts (first series) and enjoyed it. This year I will be sure to get a copy of the first trade from Jim.

When I saw the first issue of this second series I picked it up and was pleased with my selection. Basically this is the story of three Gen-Y women who live together and make a living selling "herbal remedies." After they get tired of the "heat" that goes with their chosen line of work they decided to get "real" jobs, jobs that didn't include overusing "quotation" marks. The point is not so much the premise but how these nonconformists interact with the people they encounter as well as how they deal with, well, conforming by getting jobs. This is all set against the backdrop of a major metropolis (Mahfood may actually designate which city it is, but I do not recall) with all its inherent cultures and issues interlaced with references to what songs should be playing as the book's soundtrack.

Think of this as the adventures of new-bohemian, post-modern feminists that make their own rules up as they go along. If that's not your style, just think of 3 friends trying to make it in the big city as they deal with their impending adulthood.

As cerebral as all of that sounds, this book really is a lot of fun.


DOMINO #2 $2.50

I liked the first issue well enough that I wanted to see what happened next. I wasn't blown away or anything, I just liked what I saw. In that respect, the creators have done their job.

Also, as of late I have had a thing for well-written, strong female characters, a la Mystique, Emma Frost, and most of the cast of Y: The Last Man. I think this may be an extension of that.

Plus, I am an X-geek and by law must buy this book.

PUNISHER #28 $2.99

The Punisher heading to Texas to take on illegal gun runners? Sounds interesting and I am sure I will enjoy the story, but is anyone else missing Dillon's art?

Ennis handles the Punisher excellently, but he needs Dillon, man. They're the John and Paul of violent, messed up action and humor. Is Dillon coming back sometime soon?

I don't know that I have seen much of Cam Kennedy's artwork so I am willing to go into this with an open mind. I am sure that Kennedy, like Mandrake with the last arc, is more than capable, it's just that I miss Dillon is all.

Where's my tampon? It's time to stop whining.

ULTIMATE X-MEN #34 $2.25

BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS on Ultimate X-Men while Finch supplies the pencils.

I think I just oops-ed in my pants.

OK, sorry, I don't mean to over-hype it or anything but I must admit that I am really looking forward to giving Bendis even more of my money. C'mon, the dude just had a baby, he's needs the scrilla.

The previews Marvel has shown of this book look wonderful. Seeing what Bendis has done with Ultimate Spider-Man how can one not anticipate him hitting this one out of the park?

Could it be that I will FINALLY think of the Ultimate X-Men as a real book now?

No pressure.

Once again I will hanging around the SBC Forums for anyone that wants to talk about the column, what comics others think look good, or just comics in general. Really, it's all open season.



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