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What Looks Good.  What, you got a problem, bub?!?!Welcome to WLG. If you've been here before, skip to the next paragraph. If you're new let me give you dilly-yo (yeah, that's right, I'm SO street): Every week I check out Diamond Comics shipping schedule for Wednesday and decide what I would like to spend my money on, and then I attempt to put into words the "how's" and "why's." Simple, huh?

I noticed over the past couple of weeks that I tend to get a bit wordy. It happens. I love comics to such a degree that I can easily just babble on and on (and on...) for hours on end. Just ask Kristin, my girlfriend, and she will tell you that humoring me is no longer worth the effort because I don't shut-up.

This week I am attempting to be a little less wordy. My plan is to get down to the essence of why I think a book looks good or not. I'm not there yet, but hopefully soon I will be able to whip these out in a few short sentences. We'll see.

Oh, and a thank you to "Constantine" who suggested I check out the current arc in Flash. You won't find a better example of a book that is both new-reader friendly and catering to long-term fans as well, not to mention an entertaining and engaging story. Thanks for the tip!

OK, enough of my jibber-jabber already, let's move on to what looks good.


AUTHORITY VOL 2 #2 (MR) $2.95

I love the Authority, so I was really hoping that the first issue of this new series would blow me away.

It didn't.

The Authority is supposed to be bold and unrepentant, an original widescreen piece of comic beauty. This version is not. It's tired and cliched with trite retreads of storylines past. This is not what an Authority fan expects nor wants.

Morrison showed some potential in the preview story so I am hoping that there is better coming from him. I am willing to give Turner a chance on the art chores as well, but as of now my initial reaction is that The Authority is not the book for him.

Let's hope the 2nd issue is all about redemption, if not, I fear that soon enough The Authority will be laid to rest yet again.

DOOM PATROL #21 $2.50

John Arcudi and Tan Eng Huat have created a team of misfits that you just can't help but love. There are few super teams out there that seem as real or as fleshed out as this team does. I truly care about these characters and would love for this title to continue on and on.

But that's not to be the case. From what I hear this book is to be canceled as of issue #24. It's really too bad as this title was just getting better and better as the interpersonal relationships amongst the team continued to be explored.

If you have the inclination I suggest you pick this series up and check it out. You may want to wait a couple more months, though, so that you can pick up the entire run from the quarter bin. Sure, I could tell you to run out and buy this title, but I think the decision to cancel it is set in stone so that would be flogging a dead horse.

Still, I look forward to this issue to see how Robotman deals with the rest of his team being possessed by some kind of Vietnamese demon.

I am a little bummed though. It's not like this title was like Suicide Squad, another book re-launched around the same time that was more than a little confusing and disjointed.


LOBO UNBOUND #1 (Of 6) (MR) $2.95

Ya lazy bastitches, the 'Bo is back and you'd better watch out.

I LOVE what Giffen and Bisley did with Lobo back in the day (the first two mini-series they did) but as with everything else in comics during the early to mid-90s, he was grossly over-used. I mean, c'mon, an ongoing series that was NOT a mature readers title? How did they not know that was a mistake?

Giffen is back, but Bisley isn't. Instead I am expecting more than gratuitous violence and other adolescent humor. Those aren't necessarily bad things. With Lobo those aren't beside the point, they ARE the point. Why? Because Lobo is the MAIN MAN and with him comes some serious ass-whoopin'.

Ain't no body be dis'n the main man!

WILDCATS VERSION 3.0 #10 (MR) $2.95

Where the heck is Casey going with this book? Is Grifter crippled for good? Is he training Dolby to be his replacement? Where is Ladytron?

Things are forming very slowly with this title, which is good in that I really can't wait to find out what happens from month to month, but if the book moves too slowly it just becomes aggravating. Casey is dancing a fine line with this book. I am sure when collected this book will make for an excellent read.

And where did they find this Dustin Nguyen guy. I officially LOVE his art now. I saw we get this man a bigger book now. Why isn't he doing The Authority? Sorry, Dwayne.

Personally, I hope that Cole Cash recovers and returns to his Grifter identity.

That right there pretty much says it all. Casey has made me care about these characters, enough so that I get upset by thinking that there may be a new Grifter in town. Casey's done his job and done it well.


(MR) $2.99

One of the most underrated books out there. Go read this now. Go on, get. I'll wait....

This is the second part of the origin of Jessica Jones. Almost 2 years into the book and we're just finding out who she is? Not really, as Bendis has done a great job of characterization on this book. Since issue #1 I've had a feel for Ms. Jones, this is just icing on the cake.

Wait...Ms. Jones? I can see it now: a crossover with Daredevil called "The Devil and Miss Jones."


OK, fine, shut-up.

And let it be known that Gaydos may never leave this book. The character, the soul of this book would never be the same without his art. He's a real find and if there are those of you out there that may know where I can sample some of his earlier work I would love to hear about it. You can e-mail me or post on one of the message boards.

EXILES #28 $2.99

This is Judd Winick's book, pure and simple. However, as fill-ins go, Austen is doing a decent job thus far. At least, the book still "feels" like the Exiles. Sometimes a new writer comes in and tries to leave their mark on the book, to show that their take is different from the previous writer. Perhaps the fact that Winick is "coming back" in a few issues may have something to do with this.

One of the low points is that this issue crosses over with Uncanny X-Men. This makes me think bad things, as the last issue of Uncanny was awful.

Wait a second. There was the arc in Exiles called "So Lame." Maybe Austen was just trying to capture that feeling with his last issue of Uncanny X-Men?

All jokes aside, I am on the fence with this issue. Could be good, could be bad.

NEW X-MEN #142 $2.25

A new arc starts this issue. Wait...did the last arc finish? I mean, I know the White Queen is not dead after all (right?) and that Esme mind-controlled Angel into shooting Emma, didn't she? Then why did the last issue end with Bishop asking where Scott was?

I have no idea what is going to happen next with this book, and that is part of the appeal. Morrison's run seems to be a little of the old, what the hardcore fans love about the X-Men couplec with a little of the new, his own crazy-insane ideas of what he thinks should be. Case in point is this "Assault on Weapon Plus." Morrison has established that Wolverine was the tenth weapon, that the "X" in "Weapon X" means "ten." Nevermind that there is now a Weapon X series that is based on "Weapon X" meaning, well, "X."


So Fantomex is back, blah blah blah and Chris Bachalo is doing the art.

How soon before Marc Silvestri comes back for his return to the X-camp?

Sorry, but characters that I am not into combined with an artist that just isn't my favorite makes me wonder why I call this column WLG.


And then I remember why it is called WLG.

Bendis/Bagley do an amazing job on this book every month/week/day/hour. How can 2+ guys put out a comic that is consistently good for 42 issues?

Are you not reading this book yet? Have you not bought the trades to catch up because you didn't bother with buying the issues the first time around? Why not? Grab your tongue with your index finger and your thumb and read this next line aloud: I wee todd did.

Bendis's strength lies in his abilities to create the "everyman." We empathize with Peter Parker, we relive how it felt to be a clumsy teenager, how awful and amazing it was at the same time. He taps into that and makes the characters real because in effect they are extensions of us all.

UNCANNY X-MEN #425 $2.25

OK, I admit that Phillip Tan's artwork should be interesting. Of course, with the recent news that Salvador Larocca will be moving to Uncanny X-Men once he is done with this stint on Namor is kind of a puzzle. I love his art, but why did they pull him off of X-treme X-Men then? Perhaps the thinking is that fans will read anything that Claremont puts out, regardless of artist.

Sorry, I'm supposed to be talking about UNCANNY X-Men. What did I say about being wordy again?

This issue promises to include the Havok/Polaris wedding.


A guy that's been comatose for a couple of years wakes up with a scar on his head (gives him character) and his stark raving mad FORMER girlfriend threatening the life of the woman who cared for Alex. Yeah, a wedding makes sense, especially after how enthusiastic Alex sounded when it was announced.

Oh, don't forget that cool cover with the Havok wearing his "Tom of Finland" costume. C'mon, man, that costume was lame as heck 10 years ago, why are they bringing it back?

Ugh...two strikes already. Where is the Austen that made me care about the fish-looking kid?

If not for Bendis/Bagley doing Ultimate Spider-Man I might have to change the name of this column to "What Looks Like a Waste of My Money and My Time."

And yet I plan on buying it.

Being an X-fan means a fine line between being hopeful and being pathetic.

WOLVERINE SNIKT #2 (Of 6) $2.99

The art on this puppy is the selling point for me as there wasn't a whole lot of writing going on with the last issue. Basically Wolverine has been transported to some other realm where bio-mechanical beings run rampant. I am assuming that he is going to have to kill a lot of them. Ice cream, flowers, and walks through the dandelions won't be prominently featured here.

That's really about it.

It just looks so freaking sweet.


(MR) $2.99

Where in the heck have I been all of this time? Seriously, somehow I have missed an ENITRE arc.

I spent too much on Christmas this past year, and then right after the holidays I smacked my car up. Not a lot, in fact, it was just under my deductible (which was good and bad). The reason I mention all of this is because there was a stint of a few months there where I could not justify buying comics EVERY week. Being a comic geek, I am sure you feel my pain. I would buy comics when I could, and even though I have a pull list it appears that I have missed an entire arc of Queen and Country.

Checking out the solicitation it appears that this is a new arc. That's good, as it is a nice point to jump on, or if you are like me, catch back up.

As this is a new arc there is a new art team that I know nothing about.

Dude, I am so out of the loop on this title. Sorry.

This last one is actually just a reprint from last week. You see, Diamond Comics puts out their list for the current week and the next week. When I checked last week Monday Diamond had yet to update their shipping list. I took a risk, and of course, the shipping list changed from one week to the next. So this comic didn't actually come out last week. Now I look like a doofus, which really isn't a new thing for me. Let's just consider this a lesson learned. As this comic is actually coming out this week I thought I would reprint what I said last week.


See, ANOTHER issue.

These are coming out more often than Ultimate Spider-Man, but this looks more and more like filler. At least with USM I know I am going to get an excellent issue. This is such a potpourri of different talents it is hard to know what the reader is going to get with every issue.

I can't say that I am terribly geeked about this issue.

But, of course, I AM buying it, so really, it's my own damn fault.

Didn't I say that last week? (Actually, seeing as I am reprinting this from last week, yes, I did in fact say that last week - Diaz)

I will be hanging around the SBC Forums if anyone would like to post about this column. Do you agree/disagree? Is there anything that I left out that you think I should be buying? Let me know!

Until then, see you next week!


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