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As many of you know I don't have access to comics in Port Stanley, Ontario so I rely on titles sent to me for review in this column and the kindness of folks who take pity upon me to satisfy my sequential storytelling cravings. If though there were a comics shop here I probably wouldn't have given the following Penny-Farthing Press titles a second glance. That most definitely would have been my loss.

DECOY: STORM OF THE CENTURY (Parts one and two of four): (Written by Buddy Scalers with art by Courtney Huddleston and Mostafa Moussa)

When I first flipped through this comic I honestly thought I wasn't going to like it. Boy, was I wrong. With the basic premise of a cute green shape shifting alien that assists a rookie police officer catch crooks DECOY: STORM OF THE CENTURY has multiple layers that makes this one heck of a good read. The characterization is superb and the dialogue rings true from beginning to end. The art, while a tad cartoony for my taste, none the less blends seemlessly with the concept and the visual design flows nicely from panel to panel and page to page.

I won't tell you what specifically this comic is about-or any of the titles I am reviewing here-as I don't want to spoil your chance of having the same pleasure I did when I began to read these two issues. DECOY: STORM OF THE CENTURY is one of the best comics I've read in months. My only regret is that there isn't a darn comics shop here in Port Stanley so that I can find out what happens in the remaining two issues.


Mike Kundel's HEROBEAR AND THE KID is not my cup of team. Still, this Penny-Farthing Press and Astonish Comics crossover is a pretty good comic and worth giving a read. The two worlds of Decoy and Herobear flow together quite nicely and there are some fun moments throughout the book. It's kind of off the wall for me to be honest with you but what the hey, you need something like that every once in a while for variety.

ZENDRA (Vol. 2, Numbers One and Two) (Co-created by Martin Montiel, penciller, and J. C. Buelina, inker, and written by Stuart Moore)

In some respects ZENDRA reminds me of Hector Diaz's (I wonder what ever happened to him?) LANDRA series from a number of years ago but only at first glance. Beyond the fact that both series have a beautiful female lead and are named after the alien world the series is set on neither have a lot in common.

Oh. There is one thing. Both are great reads with great art. With regards to ZENDRA-I'll let you hunt through the back issue bins at your local comics shop to find copies of LANDRA-even though the series is set on an alien world it's quiet easy to get into the storyline as a new reader without a basic point of reference. The dialgoue in no way leaves you shaking your head wondering what is going on and the techno babble is kept to the minimum necessary to make the story move forward. Artistically these two issues are sharp and crisp with some really nice linework. I was also pleased to see that not every square inch of the pages were filled with gadgets and technology as so often happens in series such as this. Montiel and Bueina make excellent use of space throughout the issue giving the art a real sense of depth.

All in all ZENDRA is definitely worth picking up. Quality comics such as this are far and few between these days.
Give it a shot if you haven't already.

That's pretty much it for this column. If you have something you'd like me to review email me at [email protected] and I'll give you my address. By the way, if you want to check out any of my past columns they can be found online at www.jazmaonline.com . Just go to the home page, click on my name Jon Gilbert and you're there.

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