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Part IV: A Waste Of Plastic

I've only got one thing to say about the bags they put comics in: Why?

Why bother? How many comics do YOU have which are now worth serious money? How many exactly? Unless you have a number one of Batman or Superman the vast majority of your comics will only be worth what you paid for it in 10-20 years time, so don't fool yourself that just by sticking it in a bag and never reading it you'll make a lot of money from it.

The truth of the matter is that every comic is stored somewhere on computer these days and can be reprinted with ease thus there ARE no rarities...and don't get me started on "limited editions", especially that execrable multiple cover scam some companies impose on the comic buying public.

I actually am an advocate of the idea that comics are for reading NOT for collecting and anyone that tells you any different is the bastard spawn of Satan and in part responsible for the lack of general commercial appeal for the comic medium.

Comic bags give totally the wrong impression. They say “collect”, they say “keep me in mint condition and don’t do anything potentially damaging to me like actually READ me”. This, in my humble opinion, is the WRONG impression. We are in a situation where it is important to stress to the world at large that comics are a valuable literary source and art form. A medium for communicating a tale, conveying a message and as valid as cinema, music and books.

But do you put your books in stupid, poxy, plastic bags? NO! Do you do this with CDs? NO! Well, what about your videos and DVDs? NO! There is no point and it’s just too much damn hassle whenever you want to access said media.

So tell your retailer – who are essentially the cause of the comic bag thing – insist that they do not use comic bags except on absolute rarities. You can use my cut out and keep form if you like:

Dear Comic Retailer,

I’m of the opinion that comic
bags are a truly evil thing and
responsible for damaging the
public view of comics. This is
without going into the
environmental repercussions of
using them. So, please do not
put my comics in bags, I only
take the comics out and throw
the bag away anyway...

Many thanks,

Your Customer

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