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Ever notice the similarities between drugs and comic books? They both have dealers, distributors, manufacturing is located in NYC, LA, and Florida, and the products are kept in plastic bags. But though the similarities end there, the differences between users and readers are still too small for comfort. To show you what I mean, and maybe help you rethink your 'hobby', let me present. . .

"The Differences Between Drug Users and Comic Book Readers."

A user's taste in music and clothes will quickly change.
A reader's taste in music and clothes will quickly vanish.

Users must get a fix every day.
Readers only need one once a week.

Users have little need for the internet.
Readers must get a daily fix of news, reviews, and chat rooms.

A desperate user will often become a prostitute.
A desperate reader will sell his comics to buy a prostitute.

Users usually end up living on the street begging for money.
Readers usually end up living in their parents' basement.

When a user is high, he loses all sense of reality and talks nonsense for hours.
A reader is like that all the time.

A drug user, inevitably, turns to crime to support his habit.
A comic book reader, inevitably, turns to minimum-wage jobs to support his hobby.

Users often gather in dimly lit places that look and smell terrible.
Readers gather in comic shops and conventions.

Users may buy pipes, incense, and black lights to enhance their high.
Readers may buy action figures, video games, and other items that don't improve a comic's story or art one bit.

Users dream of going to Amsterdam.
Readers dream of going to Japan.

Some people want to legalize marijuana so they can get high easily.
Some people support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund so they can get porno comics easily.

Cult heroes to drug users: Timothy Leary, William S. Burroughs, and Jim Morrison.
Cult heroes to comic book readers: Dave Sim, John Byrne, and Rob Liefeld.

Users have High Times, a magazine that does little more than advertise to a specialized group of customers.
Readers have Wizard.

A user can only get high once off of a single joint, dose, shot, etc.
A reader can read the same comic over and over again, and always get the same feeling.

But I think the most important difference between users and readers is this:
- Drug use, to a certain extent, is tolerated by society. Sometimes, in the case with pot, it's even considered cool. But when a habit becomes destructive, there are agencies and people to help users put their lives back together.
- Tell folks you read comic books and they treat you like a leper.

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