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This week's Previews for February 2k2 was positively anemic, and I thought I'd borrow a riff from Johanna Draper Carlson who first, I believe, commented on the Previews at rec.arts.misc on the usenet.

By no means are these thoughts reviews. The following paragraphs merely give you an insight into my thought processes regarding what I add to my subscription list.

Opening Previews, I am greeted by a pair of cachongas beating another pair of cachongas in Vampi. Vampi is why I dropped Vampirella a couple of years ago.

Next to greet me is Hedg, "the first digitally rendered comic book franchise." Very nice cheesecake, and if it appears in the comic book shop and has a good story I may buy it. All depends on the story.

Dark Horse isn't offering too many new projects. I don't care for anime. So, Astroboy didn't send me. The book that catches my eye the most is Spyboy/Young Justice. I've been a fan of Peter David's writing since Rock and a Hard Place a Star Trek:Next Generation novel. I love Young Justice, but Spy Boy and Pop Mahn aren't my cup of darjeeling. So, possibly if in the comic book shop.

What am I looking forward the most in the Dark Horse section? Buffy, Buffy and more Buffy: Fray included.

I used to turn right to DC's section, but the more they do stupid, stupid things, the more I drift further from them. Still there are a few items worth mentioning.

Kurt Busiek and Tom Grummett reunite for The Power Company, and their reputation is the hook. A definte addition.

Batman: Bruce Wayne Murderer? Yeah, right. The only way I'd buy a single issue of this series is if Barbara Gordon walked again because of it. The premise is hopeless, and with it you can go nowhere.

Just Imagine Stan Lee with John Byrne creating Robin. Somebody overestimated Robin's appeal. Even John Byrne cannot sway me to follow the adventures of some guy.

Batgirl #25. The fetish doll fights Lady Shiva to the death. DIE YOU IMPOSTER! DIE!

SCI Spy look like fun and has two creators whom I admire, but I get burned by Vertigo a lot. Still, it's cheap, and depending on the yield for that week it may end up in my brown bag.

JLA: Shogun. Not a samaurai buff.

The History of the DC Universe trade paperback. I have the issues. As a reference, it's completely useless because DC doesn't have the decency to respect its own history.

So what's the most exciting thing DC has to offer in February? Brand-spanking new issues of Batman Gotham Adventures, Superman Adventures and Justice League Adventures plus Scooby-Doo. All of which have nothing to do with discontinuity. If I were a toy buyer, I'd sous out the Phantom Stranger doll (excuse me, action figure).

The book I noticed most in Image's stable is Isis. I regularly watched Isis. The Mighty One's powers were cool, and she wore a costume, that for the time, was inventive and unique. Captain Mary Marvel's costume is based upon Isis' costume. JoAnna Cameron gave much dignity to her role and never treated it as camp. Mike Vosburg created an attractive looking book based on the series. So I'm looking at the new Isis whose costume and hair evokes the old, and I can't help notice two major changes that "plump when you cook 'em." Pass.

Ah. Marvel makes this column so easy to write. Our worst fear has been realized. After Luke Cage with his funky manhood cleansed Jennifer Jones' derriere in Alias, the comic book, he now believes he can funkify all the mmmmmn fi-ne tail in the world. To expediate matters he no longer wears a belt or buttons his fly. "Holy Spit!" My lack of interest in this book is astounding.

Muties? Angst-ridden mutants who haven't the decency to put on tights and fight crime. What's the point?

Doctor Octopus is THE Spidey foe. Forget about the Green Goblin. Doc Ock matched Spider-Man in strength, speed and cunning. Their battles always were ones of give and take, move and countermove. Neither liked each other, but each respected the other's threat. Ockie appears in Peter-Parker and Ultimate--the issue I may I actually buy. Tangled Web offers the Vulture. Yes!

Wolverine/Hulk? Don't care.

Jo Duffy returns from the grave to join Kurt Busiek and Matt Haley on The Order. Proven writing and artistic talent. A premiere loaded with potential. Matt Haley rendering Hellcat. Gimmee! Gimmee! Gimmee! Gimmee!

This is a warning. Crusade is reissuing Shi: Year of the Dragon. Each issue was steaming offal insulting the style of Patrick Nagel. You have been warned.

Moonstone gives me "something to sing about" with an all new Phantom adventure courtesy of Ben Raab who in Wonder Woman made Aquaman a hero again and not some surly pirate or Village People reject. Fernando Blanco handles the artwork. I can't say I'm familiar with the man's work, but I'm willing to see.

Project 27 and The Mighty from Red Sun Productions and Sundragon, respectively, both look like fun books with classic sensibilities. Definite special orders.

Finally, Alan Grant will have a prose paperback of the Cartoon Network's Justice League's Batman. I can guarantee several things. This Batman will be dark, intelligent and equal if not better to the animated version. That alone makes the book a must buy.

And there you have it, some thoughts on this month's offerings for February 2002.

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