The Evil Comic Dealer

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...and I'm not even talking about Hal Roth...

I have a gripe about one of the comic book stores here in the Greater Sacramento Area. The store "Piehole Comics & Cards" (not real name) has a very rude owner of the store, the guy running this shop. Let me describe this guy:

He has a picture of his little boy and little girl on the counter. The caption underneath the pictures is 'buy comics, so we won't go hungry and we can go to college!'. The owner William Idjut (not real name) always complains everyday that he's not making enough money. He treats his customers rudely. If you go up to his counter and purchase two comics, he says 'Is that all?' He never greets anyone, he's always complaining, moping or just plain mad. In fact at times he yells at his customers.

He has an employee named "John" who is the greatest employee a storeowner could ever want. John learns that Mr. Idjut is ready to throw out some non-sports cards. He asks Mr. Idjut if he can have them. I would think that Mr. Idjut would be happy to give some fringe benefits to his employee who does exemplary work. One week later John learns that Mr. Idjut threw away the non-sports cards.

John has tried to stop Mr. Idjut from throwing away long boxes of comics. Mr. Idjut waits until John is not around and throws away the comics that he can't sell. If I were a comic book shop owner, I would give these comics away to my customers. It would attract more business and it would show that the store and the owner have a customer friendly attitude. But, what does Mr. Idjut do? He actually throws away the comic books!! He could have given them to John or to his customers or even donated them to Michigan State University comic book library, Words & Pictures Museum or a dozen other places and wrote them off in his taxes. But, noooooooooo, he threw them away, because he doesn't want anyone else to have them!

Hmmm...what else does Mr. Idjut do? Mr. Idjut doesn't have quarter bin sales, because he tries to sell the back issues for their original price. He also will purchase one copy of certain comic books. For example "League of Batmen" by DC Comics. There is only one copy on the racks. The first customer eyes it and purchases the copy. The second customer asks..."is there any more copies of League of Batmen?" Mr. Idjut replies..."nope, all sold out!" Geesh, no wonder he's sold out.

At times Mr. Idjut humiliates and chastises his employee John in front of his customers. Mr. Idjut hardly ever smiles. Mr. Idjut quit reading comics 10 years ago and doesn't know the continuity of any of the comics he sells. His biggest glory was during the time that Beanie Babies were selling like hotcakes. Now, that he is losing business, he tells me I should support him during these needy times. All I have to say is...."ya, like HELL!"

If it weren't for John, I would have stopped a long time ago, in frequenting his shop. John is very knowledgeable about all comic books. John always has a great attitude which he even maintains when being yelled at by Mr. Idjut. This comic book shop is the comic book shop from Hell!

Let me tell you, that we do have some very customer friendly comic book shops here in Sacramento and that would be Comics & Comix on the K Street Mall in downtown Sacramento and A1 Comics, owned by former SF 49er Brian Peets. Both shops have great sales and yes, at times they have freebies for their customers. They treat their customers with full respect! For them, the customer comes FIRST!

And that is the ever-loving TRUTH!

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