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  1. Eddy Barrows: Nightwing Returns Image

    Eddy Barrows: Nightwing Returns

    Considering that we're still in the introductory stages of fall, it's sort of symbolic that this past Wednesday marked the beginning of a fresh new adventure for DC Comics' beloved character Dick Grayson, who, after serving his time as Batman, now returns to his iconic role as Nightwing in the new, relaunched series of the same name.

    Andre Lamar interviews Eddy Barrows on September 22, 2011
  2. Sonny Liew: Change In the Air Image

    Sonny Liew: Change In the Air

    Sonny Liew's living the dream of writing and illustrating his own comics and he's been up to some pretty interesting things lately, first and foremost being his Malinky Robot series being released in trade paperback form.

    Felicity Gustafson interviews Sonny Liew on September 15, 2011
  3. Janet K. Lee: Keeping Comics Dapper Image

    Janet K. Lee: Keeping Comics Dapper

    Janet K. Lee is the now-award-winning artist of Return of the Dapper Men (with writer Jim McCann) and the comic book adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma from Marvel.

    Nick Boisson interviews Janet K. Lee on September 8, 2011