RB Silva: Time is My Ally

A comics interview article by: Jason Sacks

RB Silva is part of the new wave of Brazilian cartoonists working with American publishers. RB is the artist of the new Superboy, which received quite positive reviews on CB. One reviewer said of Silva's art, "R.B. Silva's's clean lines and layouts were easy to follow, never distracting me from the storyline" and another said " The man draws a pretty page. His characters are all drawn with such expressive faces and all have a very distinct look." Yes, Mr. Silva is a big time cartoonist, and we were delighted to interview him for Comics Bulletin!

Jason Sacks: What is your opinion on the new Superboy? 

RB Silva: It is too early to evaluate, but I'm liking the plot. I would also like his powers. To me he is stronger compared to the old Superboy. I think if the old Superboy fought against the new one, the old would lose. 

Sacks: How is the new Superboy different from Kal-El and Conner Kent? 

Silva: What we have here is a very dangerous guy. He is dangerous to himself and to everyone around him. So far I do not know much stuff about him; although I do part of the project, for me everything is very new and too early to have conclusions. So far he's a cool guy, impulsive when he feels threatened, and surprisingly polite. Soon we will know why this guy is so confused. 

Sacks: How do you enjoy working with Scott Lobdell on Superboy

Silva: It's been great working with Scott Lobdell, as well as with DC. Lobdell gives me the freedom I need to create, not to mention the amazing creativity he has and the great writer he is. 

Sacks: Will Krypto be part of this series? 

Silva: So far I do not know. I didn't have the opportunity to work with it yet, but I believe that the look will not be very different from Krypto we already know. 

Sacks: Are you a fan of Superman books, and how do you feel being part of Superman universe? 

Silva: It's a dream to work in the Superman universe, I've been a big fan of DC since childhood, I grew up watching Super Friends and Justice League cartoons. 

Sacks: How did you get this assignment? 

Silva: It was a natural process. My last work was Jimmy Olsen, which received a lot of positive feedback from readers - which made me very happy. The opportunity to continue in the Superman Universe came with the invitation from DC and the Superman Office to my agent, Shon C. Bury of Space Goat, and that made us very happy.

Sacks: How do you feel being part of the big 52 relunch event? 

Silva: Proud! It is a great honor to work with the best artists on the planet. I grew up reading and enjoying the art of these great artists. That motivates me every day. The 52 has already made history, and I feel proud to be part of this new journey. 

Sacks: How is the Superboy of this event unique? 

Silva: Now there's a hard question to answer (lol), he is already too powerful compared to the old one, it is a fact. But everyone in the DC universe is. Only time can tell us how. He is Superboy. 

Sacks: What books have your worked that our readers might have read? 

Silva: I've worked on all of these comics:

Timestorm 2009 
War Machine 
Vision Machine
Secret Six 
Action Comics 900 
"Jimmy Olsen's Big Week"

Sacks: Did you enjoy working with Nick Spencer on the Jimmy Olsen stories? 
Silva: I loved it! He is very creative, and always had great fun stuff. He knew how to add fun very well in the series. And indeed, the greatest success is credit to him. 

Sacks: What is Vision Machine and why should readers want to read it? 

Silva: Vision Machine is about human relationships, and how technology can help and harm human behavior and human history. Greg Pak is a genius. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to work on an innovative project like this. 

Sacks: As a Brazilian, do you have chance to read American magazines? 

Silva: Yes, the distribution in Brazil is a little different. It takes about one year to a year and a half after the American comic book is out before we have it published here.

Sacks: How, in the view of a Brazilian fan, do you see the superhero? 

Silva: I like the way things are going now. 

Sacks: Do you consider yourself part of the community with Brazilians like Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon and others? 

Silva: Yes, all great artists, who found their place in the market with great merit and talent. I do not like comparisons. We are all passionate about what we do. I am very happy to do what I do, and I know I have a lot to improve. Time is my friend, my ally, not my enemy. And I work hard, so that tomorrow I can feel even more proud of getting the same respect that Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, Ivan Reis and other great artists deserve.

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