Eddy Barrows: Nightwing Returns

A comics interview article by: Andre Lamar

Considering that we're still in the introductory stages of fall, it's sort of symbolic that this past Wednesday marked the beginning of a fresh new adventure for DC Comics' beloved character Dick Grayson, who, after serving his time as Batman, now returns to his iconic role as Nightwing in the new, relaunched series of the same name. Eddy Barrows, the artist for Nightwing, recently spoke with Comics Bulletin about what fans and new readers can expect from the highly anticipated series that he and writer Kyle Higgins have cultivated.

Andre Lamar: What was your reaction when you found out you were going to illustrate Nightwing

Eddy Barrows: I was thrilled! Actually, right after I had finished Superman #712, DC suggested four titles for me to work on, and Nightwing was one of them. I didn't need to think too much before deciding, since I love the character and knew I would have great creative freedom. After all, we [writer Kyle Higgins and I] would actually be creating something from scratch.

Lamar: Can you explain the working relationship between you and Higgins and how you both found a happy medium between how you each felt Dick should operate in this new series?

Barrows: Kyle Higgins is a great writer and one of the biggest Nightwing fans I know, so I thought it would be great to exchange ideas with him. He is very open-minded, which is great. I am pretty sure the stories we are telling are going to please all of the fans -- not to mention Kyle and me.

Lamar: Describe some fresh ideas that you have brought to this series.

Barrows: Well, I cannot talk too much about it, but we do have some new villains we have created and a very intriguing and mysterious story with fantastic scenes. I am very sorry for not giving you guys more details, but I do not want to spoil what the fans will see pretty soon.

Lamar: Are there any familiar villains that readers can expect to see within the first three issues?

Barrows: My editors would not be too happy if I told you guys something about the villains in the first issues, but what I can tell you guys in advance is that we have great villains, and these guys are not very [well] known to the fans.

Lamar: Has anyone in Nightwing's rogues gallery been redesigned or given a new costume?

Barrows: We will have a few [redesigns], but not in the first isssues.

Lamar: With the experience Dick gained as Batman, how much more confidence and skill has he attained, and how are you going to bring this to life through your illustrations?

Barrows: What I can say is that we will have scenes showing how skillful Dick is. I've watched and studied a bunch of Le Parkour's videos to help create the movements that make Nightwing the complete acrobat he really is!

Lamar: How challenging is it to find new ways to introduce fresh and stylish action sequences in the book?

Barrows: Action sequences are never easy to draw, but in Nightwing the fights are more elaborate. We have a great scene in the beginning of the first issue and many others that took a lot of research. In every issue, I have been learning to work on the character and his acrobatic skills.

Lamar: Will Nightwing use new weapons or gadgets?

Barrows: Nightwing will have some new gadgets and some surprises he carries with him.

Lamar: Can you explain the reasoning behind Dick's new costume? It sort of resembles the outfit Chris O'Donnell wore in the Batman and Robin film.

Barrows: I did not create Nightwing's new costume. I just adapted it to my pencils. I do not really remember Chris O'Donnell's costume in Batman and Robin, and, to tell you the truth, I kind of want to forget the day I watched that terrible movie! [Laughs]

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