Daniel LuVisi: Introduces The Last Man Standing

A comics interview article by: Andre Lamar
The cover artist behind DC Comics’ Secret Six series discusses his upcoming project Last Man Standing, a film for Universal he’s working on, and why he’s passionate about lending his digital art secrets to the masses.

Andre Lamar: How did you get onboard to do the covers of Secret Six #10 through #13?

DL: I painted a concept art piece for World War Z, an upcoming zombie film based off the bestselling novel by Mark Brooks (sorry for the shameless plug, but the guy deserves it). Marc Forester was set to direct so I sent it off to him, after that I released it online since it wasn't planned to be used in the film. Then iO9 saw it, and put it up with an interview by me...which then spawned over tons and tons of movie sites. Thank god for that, because DC saw it and offered me a job to do covers for them.

AL: How many more covers will you provide for the series?

DL: I'm on 6 for right now and hopefully I'm not going anywhere...people seem happy so far!

AL: Although Nicola Scott has done a few covers for Secret Six, she is currently providing artwork for the series. Can Secret fans expect to see you make a similar transition?

DL: I don't think I'd ever want to take over or step over any boundaries with Nicola, she's a fantastic artist and fans love her work. But if I could get on board Batman...

AL: What other projects are you currently working on?

DL: I'm working for Universal on a fantasy movie coming out in 2011 and I'm working on my own graphic novel L.M.S (Last Man Standing) set to come out in 2010.

AL: The visuals for your upcoming graphic novel Last Man Standing look impressive. Could you give a brief summary of the plot, characters, and what inspired you to create the novel?

DL: The plot is essentially a revenge story spanned over, hopefully, a very long series of books. I can't say too much right now as it's still under the works but [I will] very soon. Probably after Comic Con I'll do a full reveal and announcement of the book and publisher. What inspired me to create the book was the character Doyle, and it just got larger and larger until I had a full story. But a lot of my inspiration came from westerns, sci-fi, [and] noir films have definitely helped.

AL: When did you create L.M.S. and why will it be a graphic novel instead of a monthly comic?

DL: I created it a year ago and now that you say that, I've been mulling that idea over. It might be a monthly comic, after all, once I get the first book out. The first book isn't a graphic novel or a comic...it's more of a creative tool to gather an audience for what’s to come. A look into L.M.S. and understand who all these characters are. Imagine if before any X-Men comics came out, Marvel gave all of their readers a book called Files from the Mutant Academy and it showed you all of your heroes, their back stories, and what they can do. Then on the final page it said, "Now you want to see these guys go on missions and f' things up? Soon." That's what this is...a 120 page teaser.

AL: Have you found a publisher for L.M.S.?

DL: Yup, and I'm excited about them. Probably no one is expecting this company, but they are the only ones who I'd want to publish this book. Especially because of some fantastic news they just had for them.

AL: Are you doing both the artwork and storyboard for this project?

DL: Yes, I'll be doing everything from writing, producing, and rendering. I'll have an editor though, thank god.

AL: How will this series differ from any of your previous works?

DL: While it's still a lot of what I love, it's also different. It's very violent, dark, edgy but then also very humorous and doesn't take itself as seriously. It's a mix of genres and hopefully it appeals to the readers.

AL: In your Blogspot and Deviant Art blogs you offer everything from detailed descriptions of the digital tools you use, to providing tips and tricks of how to become a better artist. Why do you make it a priority to discuss your tricks of the trade, as opposed to keeping this information to yourself?

DL: Because one day we artist won't be here anymore, and the ones that are younger and growing will take over. I'd rather teach everyone, than hold it for myself...I'm not stingy with my secrets. That said; I'll never give EVERY tip away, because a lot of people should learn as well....but I still love to help.

AL: Which comic book character(s), either in the Marvel or DC Universe, would you absolutely love to do the artwork for? Why?

DL: Well…

- Venom: I have a soft spot for Venom, one of my favorite characters and designs. I would tear it up with him.
- Batman: A childhood hero, I would love to put my touch on that character.
- Superman: Never been crazy into him, but would love to give the “Man of Steel” a shot.
- Deadpool: Another perfect design, next to Venom and Wolverine. Plus he's funny...would be fun.
- Wolverine: Do I even have to explain?

AL: Thanks for taking the time Mr. LuVisi, and I look forward to seeing more of your works.

DL: Thanks for the interview!

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