Dario Brizuela: Penciling Heroes for the Newest Generation of Comics Fans

A comics interview article by: Andre Lamar
Recently, Andre Lamar got the chance to catch up with artist, Dario Brizuela. In this interview, Dario gives us a look into his latest projects and his history as a comic artist.


Andre Lamar: Tell us a little about yourself, what brought you to the comic industry?

Dario Brizuela: I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I’m 32 years old, I live with my wife and year old son Augustin, and I’ve loved comics since I can remember! In Argentina we really have great comic artists. And when I was a teenager, I started to take lessons with some comic artists who liked to teach.

I still remember the day I saw Superman #1 by John Byrne in the store, and that day I decided (was more like a wish really) I wanted to draw this comic! I wanted to work for DC and Marvel! And I started to buy lots of comics!

AL: Name some artists whom you respect and admire?

DB: There are too many! Neal Adams, John Byrne, Bruce Timm, Norm Breyfogle, Art Adams, Scott Campbell, Carlos Meglia, Crisse, Humberto Ramos, Jim Lee, Sean Galloway, Pier Alary, and Adam Hughes just to say a few. But my favorite is Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, I wish someday I can meet him in person!

AL: Explain your background as an artist. Did you have any formal training?

DB: Yes, in high school (an art oriented high school) I took lessons on drawing, sculpture, painting, and art history. After that I started to learn with Argentinean comic artists. Later I got to work with Carlos Meglia’s assistant. Also I did some color work for the Argentinean and Europe markets. I also used to work in animation doing storyboards and backgrounds.

AL: I respect your work as one of the leading artists for youth-based comics, including Super Hero Squad, Superfriends, etc. Explain how you developed your cartoony drawing style?

DB: In the beginning I used to draw in a realistic style, but for some reason I was always involved in projects where the cartoony style was required…like projects for kids. Sometime later I learned to enjoy the combination of cartoons and comics, and I started to think this was the best combination to work and have fun!

I’m a big fan of comics, and I always wanted to see a comic book based in a cartoon. And I wanted that comic book to look just like the cartoon! That’s why I try to do the best in those kind of projects.

I’m happy to have this ability, because this gives me the chance to draw really great characters! I’m very happy with my work on the Transformers animated comics.

AL: Since you supply artwork for major publishers in DC Comics and Marvel, how has it been to work for each company? What are the differences between them?

DB: I’ve had more time working for DC Comics, and the experience has been great! My editor, Rachel Gluckstern, is really nice to me. I worked with her on Ben 10, Justice League Unlimited, and I was very happy when she asked me to do the number one issue of Superfriends. So I think I’ll have some kind of regular work in DC for now…I hope I can draw more of the Superfriends…I really enjoy it!

At Marvel I’m like a new guy, so I’m still trying to find my place there. I started drawing some licensing art of Spiderman and Friends. After that I drew Super Hero Squad, Marvel Avengers, Iron Man Armored Adventures, and now I’m doing some short Hulk stories for kids. I’m also working on a story book of Super Hero Squad doing pencils and colors too!

So as you can see, I change a lot from project to project. I would love to find some work in a miniseries on a regular basis, but this is also great work for Marvel of course!

AL: Art Baltazar is the writer of DC Kids hit series Tiny Titans. Have you considered teaming up with him to create your own book?

DB: That would be fantastic! I never spoken with Art and I don’t know if he knows my work, but I’m always interested in starting cool new projects!

AL: At some point will you experiment with more Teen or Mature based comics?

DB: I have a couple of published works with a more classic style…one for IDW Publishing. But I feel really good working for kids. I think if the work is well done it can be enjoyed by all ages, like Jeff Smith’s Bone for example.

AL: Occasionally is it difficult to communicate with writers on a comic your working on, since English isn’t your first language?

DB: Not really. Sometimes I have translators, but I have a very fluid communication with my editors to resolve any problem.

AL: Describe an interesting story about your experience in the comic industry?

DB: Well I’d never had in mind to draw the Ninja Turtles. But one day, thanks to an artist I admire, Mike Hawthore, I was introduced to Steve Murphy, the editor at the time for the TMNT books. I sent some samples of my work to him and, after working on some licensing stuff for him, he asked me to draw issue #1 of Tales of TMNT, a new series that was really a cool assignment because I did a lot of TMNT issues after that.

Sometime later I was invited by DC Comics to draw the first comic adaptation of the Ben 10 TV series, for Cartoon Network Action Pack. And later I was again asked to draw issue #1 of Superfriends. So I think I have something good with the first issues of the new series!

AL: Lastly, what other projects can we expect from you?

DB: Right now I’m involved in several projects. I’m drawing a new Superfriends issue, the Hulk stories for kids, the Super Hero Squad storybook, and I’m going to start a new TMNT book very soon. So in the next moths you can find some of my work in stores!

AL: Thanks for taking the time Dario, I wish you much success!

DB: Thanks so much, Andre!

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