Dan Jurgens: Booster Gold Faces the Remains of an Old Friend

A comics interview article by: Josh Green
With the recent release of the Booster Gold tie-in with Blackest Night, Dan Jurgens took time out of his busy schedule to talk with Josh Green about the title and what’s to come for Booster.


Josh Green: Booster Gold was arguably the most compelling and dynamic member of the 52 ensemble. Were you humbled by the spotlight given to your creation, given that at the time 52 was DC’s flagship comic?

Dan Jurgens: I can’t say that I was necessarily humbled, but I can certainly say that I thought it was a lot of fun. That extends to 52 overall because it excelled at taking characters that weren’t exactly top tier level, yet made them interesting in the midst of an entertaining story.

JG: The current Booster Gold title was launched by writers Geoff Johns and Jeff Katz. Did you initially have any creative input beyond your artistic duties?

DJ: Those two had the basic premise that would serve as the foundation for the series. After that, we chatted and there was room to throw in various ideas. I was also able to fill them in on some of Booster’s background that had never made it into print.

JG: How was the current series proposed? Did it take any wrangling for you to accept the gig or were you eager to get back to drawing Booster?

DJ: Dan DiDio and Mike Siglain first asked me about it and once I read the pitch Geoff and Jeff put together I was very happy to agree to sign on. It didn’t make any substantial changes to Booster, but rather added to the overall tapestry of the character, which is what any good relaunch does. It was great to “go home”.

JG: How would you characterize the differences between the original Booster Gold title and the current one? Which would you say has been more personally fulfilling?

DJ: The original was put together by a writer who was very new and still learning the ropes, and that certainly shows. However, the first series kind of ends with the statement that Booster will become important to the DCU, which is really what this series is all about. We’re seeing the developing stages of someone who’ll become quite a bit more important.

JG: Tell us about Booster’s current supporting cast members and their relationships.

DJ: Dan Carter is a rather bumbling ancestor who may at first seem like Booster, but he lacks the depth Booster really has. Rose Levin is the woman who’ll become his wife.

Of course, there’s Skeets, his trusty aide and advisor. Rip Hunter is Booster’s son (though Booster has no idea that’s the case) who’s sort of ushering him through this developmental phase.

JG: Booster is now facing off against his dead best friend, Ted Kord/Blue Beetle? Can you give us a teaser as to what’s to come in the Blackest Night tie-in?

DJ: It’s a heart wrenching story of Booster encountering the rather disgusting remains of his best friend. This touches on their relationship and Booster’s absence at the time of Ted’s death.

JG: Booster and Ted/Blue Beetle had one of the greatest friendships in all of comics. What was it about the two of them that made them so dynamic?

DJ: I think part of what was most fun is that they emerged during a time when comics all seemed to be moving in the “grim and gritty” direction. They were a nice counter to a prevailing trend and people seemed to like the ride. Buddy movies have always been successful and that’s something comics have generally ignored.

JG: After Blackest Night, Booster will find himself lost in time. Any hints as to where Booster will possibly find himself in this story?

DJ: Hmm… not yet! Stay tuned!

JG: How long are you planning on staying on the Booster Gold title? Are there any other projects you’re going to take on in addition to Booster?

DJ: I have no plans or intentions to leave the book -- I’m having too much fun! And, yes, we have some other projects planned but it’s too early to talk about them. Once again, stay tuned!

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