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  1. Comet Tales #15 Cover Image

    Comet Tales #15

    Several years ago I sent one shiny new green American dollar to Jim Pack at the above address for a copy of his zine Comet Tales .

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks November 18, 2005
  2. Conan: Present and Past Cover Image

    Conan: Present and Past

    The Story Oh, how I remember reading the Conan books of my youth! The mighty warrior we first see as a youth fleeing his captors, falls into a cave (or tomb), finds his mighty sword, and then sets out to conquer the Hyborrian Age! Other than knowing he’s a Cimmerian and worships a grim and wrathful god named Crom, I never really knew much about him, especially his younger years.

    Column Article, Comics Bulletin Soapbox Judson Miers November 16, 2005
  3. Amazing Joy Buzzards #1 Cover Image

    Amazing Joy Buzzards #1

    Wow! There's an awful lot going on in this issue of AJB ! There's spies! And race cars! And rock and roll! Fun characters! Romance! Creepy villains! A Speed Racer parody! Lots and lots and lots of stuff!!! This is a big and bold and brassy comic book, full of wacky energy and humor and a whole slew of crazy characters.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks November 14, 2005
  4. Stray Bullets #39 Cover Image

    Stray Bullets #39

    This series just keeps rolling along, issue after issue, consistently terrific.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks October 28, 2005