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  1. Firestorm #21  Cover Image

    Firestorm #21

    When I saw the cover for this issue on the web several months ago, I knew I had to buy this issue.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks January 26, 2006
  2. Countdown to Crisis Chronology (Part 2 of 3) Cover Image

    Countdown to Crisis Chronology (Part 2 of 3)

    DOWNLOAD THE CHRONOLOGY, VERSION 1 Continuing this three-part series investigating the chronology of the DC Universe from the Countdown 80-page special to Infinite Crisis (read Part 1 here ), today we explore and explain a number of time gaps – both those that must be inserted into the chronology, and those that must be ignored.

    Column Article, Comics Bulletin Soapbox Paul T. Semones January 25, 2006
  3. Essential Avengers v1 Cover Image

    Essential Avengers v1

    Collects Avengers #1-24 Here are the first two fist-pounding years of Marvel’s premiere super-team, collecting a variety of properties from the House of Ideas when pretty much all the ideas were from Stan the Man.

    Comic Review Article Shawn Hill January 24, 2006
  4. Thor Visionaries v1: Walt Simonson Cover Image

    Thor Visionaries v1: Walt Simonson

    As of this writing, Thor’s been dead in the Marvel Universe for over a year, while scattered miniseries have feebly attempted to fill the mythological void, and rumors hint at a returned God of Thunder in the form of a teenager.

    Comic Review Article Michael Aronson January 24, 2006
  5. Fear Agent #3 Review Cover Image

    Fear Agent #3 Review

    It's another all-action issue, as Heath the Fear Agent and Mara escape the Elder ship, only to see their sabotaged ship blow up.

    Comic Review Article Jason Sacks January 18, 2006