Comic Articles

  1. A Bubble Of Thoughtfulness Cover Image

    A Bubble Of Thoughtfulness

    Am I late for this week, really late for this week, or quite early for next? I’m beginning to lose the ability to tell.

    Column Article Regie Rigby November 13, 2008
  2. Guerrillas #2 Cover Image

    Guerrillas #2

    Plot : Private Clayton finds himself stranded in the jungles of Vietnam with only a combat unit of trained Chimpanzees for company.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill November 12, 2008
  3. Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 Cover Image

    Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3

    Plot : Super villains, clones, and all round mayhem are part and parcel of Peter Parker and Mary Janes' lives.

    Comic Review Article Dan Hill November 3, 2008
  4. Scott Kolins: Rogues Rewind Cover Image

    Scott Kolins: Rogues Rewind

    After re-joining DC Comics at the end of summer 2007, artist Scott Kolins worked on Countdown , Superman/Batman Annual #2 and Brave and the Bold before tackling the project that brought him back to DC Comics in the first place: a new collaboration with his old Flash colleague Geoff Johns titled Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge , the final issue of which arrived in stores a few weeks ago.

    Comics Interview Article Keith Dallas November 3, 2008